Traditions in Gingerbread….

As the More is More Mom®, I am all about…..more special holiday traditions! I’m a Chicago girl, always having lived in city apartments in great neighborhoods. Nearly 14 years ago, when Nick and Amanda were babies, I was so excited for us to move into our first home in the suburbs, to live the American dream. The very first family we met was that of Dr. and Mrs. Hobbs. Spotting their teenage daughter, I jumped on her immediately for her babysitting services, booking her on the spot. When a mom needs a break, a mom needs a break! She became our very own, personal, Mary Poppins….

For six years Mary Poppins helped me with our children; watching them on the weekends, taking them to the pool and the movies, shuffling Nick to hockey practice, and helping me with birthday parties. She became a part of our family. Amanda was in love with our Mary Poppins and watched her every move, like Gladys Kravitz, from our Living Room window. Mary Poppins is getting into the car. Mary Poppins is going for a run. Mary Poppins is going to Prom. Mary Poppins didn’t stand a chance of having a moment of privacy!

After she graduated from college, our Mary Poppins got engaged! Her wedding was so much fun; Amanda was a flower girl and Nick as an usher. However, as with many newlyweds, Mary Poppins and her hubbie were relocated, out of state, for his job.

That first Christmas that Mary Poppins was gone, Mrs. Hobbs invited Amanda and me over to decorate gingerbread houses. Mrs. Hobbs is what I like to call a “special maker.” She is all about fun, frivolity and formality. She is a wonderfully thoughtful and generous friend. We had such a nice time visiting, snacking and decorating. We brought our creation home, placing it prominently on a silver pedestal platter on our kitchen table. It was beautiful and an annual tradition was born.

This year marked our 7th annual gingerbread decorating event. Mary Poppins is now a little mama herself and hosted us in her home. Amanda and I had the nicest time, being a part of their family. We toured her beautiful home and were tickled to see our Nick’s bunk-bed in her darling son’s bedroom. Amanda immediately took a picture and sent it to Nick.


Gingerbread house decorating, 2010


candy confections!

We girls sat down in the Dining Room, bowls overflowing with red and green candies, peppermints and marshmallows. We snacked and talked. We sipped hot cocoa and created houses dripping of candy confections. Before the evening was over, Mary Poppins asked Amanda, “Do you babysit?”Ready to book her on the spot! When a mom needs a break, a mom needs a break. It’s funny; Amanda is just about the same age as Mary Poppins was when she started to babysit for us.

3 little gingerbread houses all in a row...

More gingerbread, more babysitting, more special makers, more friendship, more tradition……


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One response to “Traditions in Gingerbread….

  1. Catherine

    I loved this story! Thanks for sharing. How blessed you are to have such good friends. How blessed your friends are for having you!

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