Not the Same Old Saturday Night…

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about…..finding more things for teenage girls to do on a Saturday night! The beginning of the school year was easy; tailgating and football games. Not that the girls were terribly interested in the game from a competitive point of view, but they were certainly all over showing their school spirit (we’ve got spirit yes we do, we’ve got spirit how ’bout you?). Though that might not be entirely true, because when Saint Feels Right For Her’s freshman team played the Be All and End All Academy, the girls sat with the opposing team to cheer on all of their former classmates from Our Lady of Perpetual Donations…..

Well, here the girls are, at the end of football season, with nothing to do. Of course as freshman, no one is driving yet, so they are all a little land locked. To make matters worse, we live on a dead end street with two cul-de-sacs. It’s impossible to get off the island. And anyway, where would they go?

The boys are so much easier. They meet at the health club to shoot hoops and work out. They go to B Dub’s (Buffalo Wild Wings), order wings and sliders, watching a myriad of games, at any time of year, for any season. It doesn’t matter. They hang out at each others homes and watch more games, sometimes they play Xbox 360 (any one up for Madden, 2010?) and eat pizza. They golf (while not inexpensive, takes an eternity….especially on a Saturday or Sunday when all of the amateurs hit the links). In short, they live the good life.

The girls however are so much more complicated! For one thing, unless they are quietly hanging out with one or two girls, they have to include everyone they’ve ever known, so there are no hurt feelings. But then the question begs, what do they do? And where do they go? Bonfires, S’Mores and listening to tunes is big, but it’s a little too hot in the summer and not quite hot enough come winter. Some of us host the girls with pizza parties and movie nights, but they tire of the movie rental selections. They will meet for dinner and a movie (at nearly $40.00 per pop), which is fine, but not every weekend. Girls do like to go to my Mecca, The Mall, but there are only so many times one can visit Pink, Abercrombie and Hollister. For a special treat, they do enjoy a mani-pedi, but that’s an experience reserved for a special occasion.

My friend Missy and I have been racking our brains trying to come up with alternatives. Bowling and scrapbooking tops our list, but the girls reject such notions out right. We’ve thought of in-home spa like treatments; facials, manicures and pedicures. No thanks.

Well, Saturday night, the perfect opportunity fell right into Amanda’s lap; babysitting! I’m kind of surprised she was even interested in doing it, considering she’s not particularly fond of being home alone (even with the big brown dog with sharp teeth, a fierce bark and a pinch collar….which he wears for a reason). Amanda adores the two little girls, and not just because the littlest one is a gymnast. She was thrilled to be spending the evening with them, even though it meant missing a night out to see Harry Potter with all of her gal pals. Just like Mary Poppins, she packed a bag full of tricks; movies, books and chocolate bars (everyone likes you when you bring chocolate).  


Now let’s see if I can remember what I was doing on the weekends when I was a teenager? Hmm, if I wasn’t babysitting, I was cruising around Chicago with my High School friends, boys and girls, with 20 kids packed in a car (clearly there were no seatbelt laws). We were looking for “kegger parties” where there weren’t any parent’s home. Fortunately, I am not a beer drinker, but Heaven should have helped me with the invention of, and easy access to, Seagram’s Wine Coolers (and hence the beginning of my love for spokesman, Bruce Willis)!     

As a parent, I must admit, I am so much happier with the arrangement my people have going. While at times it may seem boring, their childhood is sweet, wholesome, safe, productive and oh so much better!

More bonding with friends, more lasting connections, more seatbelt laws, more safe Saturday nights….



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