Chicks head to the Chick-fil-A…

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about…..more afternoon snacks from the Chick-fil-A! Seriously, we almost never go out to eat; I grocery shop at least four times a week. I fill the cupboards, make a delicious home made meal every night for dinner and bake each week. While my family certainly won’t starve to death, they may die of eat-at-home boredom! When I picked Amanda up from school this week, she suggested an afternoon trip to the Chick-fil-A…..


I am a Chicago girl. Growing up, my family’s favorite dining establishments ran along the lines of Franksville (foot long hot dogs with a self serve condiment bar….extra, extra, extra pickles, please) across from the Friendly Confines, Byron’s on Irving Park and Demon Dogs on Fullerton. We liked El Jardin and Lindo Mexico for Mexican (though every time my cousin Terri would babysit my brother and me she would always want to take us to Pepe’s….ariba, ariba). Pat’s Pizza, formerly on Sheffield, D’Agostino’s and My Pie on Clark were the pizza places that called our names. Never once was there a mention of the Chick-fil-A.

Apparently, Chick-fil-A inspires cult like following in the South. I had never even heard of the Chick-fil-A until three years ago. A little girl (okay, all gymnasts are little) was new to Amanda’s gym, by way of Atlanta. She and Amanda hit it off immediately and they became fast friends. They were so enamored with one another, that when meet season was upon us, they wanted to Road Trip everywhere together. Their season is fast and furious, and for us, because of Nick’s hockey schedule, is typically a mother/daughter bonding experience. Fortunately, BFF and Mrs. BFF, were a mother/daughter duo too, as their fella’s were always playing basketball. So Road Trip we did. We went everywhere together.  
On the road, we discovered a myriad of fast food possibilities. The BFF’s however, thought we had hit the mother load when we arrived at a meet in Indianapolis, IN, to find a Chick-fil-A buried amongst the Potbellies and Noodles & Company. That same spring we were visiting my brother and sister-in-law in Atlanta, and had the opportunity to enjoy a run through the Chick-fil-A drive-thru. Those however, were our only to run ins with such greatness…..until now.

There are only 3 Chick-fil-A’s in the Chicago-land area, and we actually live near one,  which is amazing, because Wrigley and the kids think we live in the most, interminably boring neighborhood ever.   

Well, I did break down and go through the Chick-fil-a drive thru yesterday for an afternoon treat, and the kids loved it. I didn’t get anything, but I must admit a Chick-fil-A chicken breast sandwich, a Cool Wrap or a Chicken Salad sandwich sounds divine. And the Waffle Potato Fries don’t look bad either.

More chicken, more tasty, finger licking, goodness, more love and devotion to reminiscing…..



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2 responses to “Chicks head to the Chick-fil-A…

  1. Deborah

    Yeah Chick-fil-A! Their Chicken Salad sandwich and homemade Chicken Noodle Soup are awesome and I love their Chicken Minis for breakfast-so glad Chick-fil-A has finally made it to the Chicagoland area:) Can’t wait to see you all next week! XOXO

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