Winner, Winner, Friends and Turkey Dinner….

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about….more gratitude! Sandwiched in between the frightful fantasy of Halloween, and the wonderment of the Christmas season, is the beauty and simplicity of Thanksgiving. You know that my mantra is more of everything is always better, especially reflecting on our many blessings……


In keeping with the spirit of the season, my dear friend Linda hosted an absolutely beautiful ladies luncheon on Friday. The theme was a celebration of friendship. How fantastic is that; setting aside time to celebrate each other?


There is nothing better than the thrill of walking down to your mail box (that’s how we do it out here in the sticks), sliding the rubber band over your bundle of bills, correspondence, magazines and advertisements, to find, to your surprise, a hand addressed envelope made out to you. The stamp is pretty, not your standard issue American Flag (which has a beauty all its own, but it’s just not party special), the writing is careful and measured; the ink isn’t boring, practical ball point pen blue. No. Perhaps it’s a colorful felt tip to coordinate with the shades of the season. What could it be? Who could it be from? What is it for? Of course you open the envelope immediately to find a lovely invitation from a generous friend. Well, okay, I did already know about the party    through the magic of text messaging and planning ahead, but I was still excited to receive a formal invitation.

The party started at 12:00 sharp. There were ladies enjoying cocktails and waiters serving gorgeous appetizers. What a treat! The daily life of the suburban homemaker isn’t usually so glamorous unless you consider nibbling on potato chips and M n M’s while you sort laundry and strip the bed linens high style. It was so nice to catch up with the girls under such civilized (and tasty) circumstances.  

 I totally appreciate the time and effort involved in planning a thoughtful and beautiful party experience. Linda completely out did herself. The table was lovely, adorned with a cornucopia of the season’s bounty. Each place setting held a place card and a party favor (swag is always appreciated and an elegant touch). What I love about a seating arrangement is that it gives the host the opportunity to spark conversation amongst her guests and ensure that everyone has a great time. 

Under each plate was a poem or sentiment relating to friendship and giving thanks. We went around the table, reading the passage that was hand selected for us. Some were tender, some were funny and all were meaningful to the relationship that the guest shares with Linda. Mine was long (I assume because I am long winded. Wink, wink.) and funny. I loved it! What a gift to have such supportive, encouraging, fun loving and amazing women in your life.


The company was a pleasure, lunch was decadent and dessert was to die for, but there was more. A raffle! We each tossed our place cards into a turkey bowl and Linda drew the winning ticket for the grand prize; a frozen Butterball turkey, and I WON! But I was already a winner, because I am lucky to have such wonderful friends.

More women, more support, more life long friendships……



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2 responses to “Winner, Winner, Friends and Turkey Dinner….

  1. Elise Benassi

    Hello Vanessa,

    I was just searching around your site and read this article about Linda’s luncheon. you summed it up perfectly. It was so nice to be included in with such a great group of women.

    Have a wonderful thanksgiving. Hope to see you again soon.


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