It Takes a Long Time To Grow An Old Friend…

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about…… more time with my gal pals! When your kids are little, you meet a million families, and as a parent, your hope is that your children make wonderful and lasting friendships. It’s a total bonus when you like the parents too. Well, when Nick began Kindergarten at Our Lady of Perpetual Donations Grammar School, I completely hit the jack pot. I met two amazing moms…..

We girls (and I consider us girls despite the milestone birthdays) did everything together with our kids. Of course they bounced around from house to house for play dates after school, but the real monkey business was reserved for those coveted days off.

I loved the fact that everyone was a gamer. Not a shrinking violet in the group. We would pack up for the day, hop on the train and enjoy all that the city had to offer. Amongst our (and by our, I mean the mothers) favorite spots were the Museum of Science & Industry and the Art Institute. A little learning, a little entertainment; what’s not to like? Though one such visit left the children bored to tears (real tears) so we salvaged the day and had one of our very best outings ever. We took the bus to Navy Pier and took a boat ride on the Sea-Dog (because Pluto’s a dog too……ruff!). What fun!


In the winter months, we were known to work up an appetite ice skating at Millennium Park. There’s something for everyone at the Food Life at Water Tower and you can never go wrong with dinner at Chicago favorite; Ed Debevic’s (and who doesn’t like to eat at Ed’s?). To me, there’s no better way to spend a summer afternoon than at the Friendly Confines. My furry son’s name is Wrigley, after all. These kids felt like big shots taking the Red Line, waiting for autographs and walking around the neighborhood.

While we always went to the Community Center pool, to the movies, out to eat and to seasonally fun outings such as the pumpkin patch, my very favorite annual tradition was sleeping over at a local hotel. We would arrive as soon as we could check in and head straight down to the pool, with our coolers full of snacks, beverages and cocktails. Who had time to get cleaned up and go to dinner when you could simply order a pizza to the pool deck? After dinner and a little more swimming, we would get cozy and comfy in our pj’s, break out the popcorn, and watch Pay per View movies (you know how much I adore Pay per View!), while the little girls had a blast doing spa treatments. In the morning the kids would swim again, after they enjoyed pancakes and hash browns, brought poolside, from Mc Donald’s.

The kids are all busy teenagers now, but we moms still get together for lunch, House-walks, shopping and birthdays. In fact, we celebrated a birthday with lunch in my home just yesterday (great new recipes coming your way next week!).

More shared experiences, more keeping up with old friends, more reminiscing…..


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