Shedding Some Light On The Situation…

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about….. more shedding some light on the situation! Lighting is yet another opportunity to show off your home’s personality. Of course, to strike that perfect balance of overhead, task and accent lighting requires some planning and creativity, though there’s no reason not to have a little bit of fun. Besides, layering your lighting adds interest and dimension to any room.

Yesterday, I paid a visit to one of my favorite stores around town; Lamps and Shades in Glen Ellyn. For over three decades, aside from selling gorgeous lamps, they have specialized in fitting your lamp bases with the most lovely and flattering shades. It’s not as simple as plopping any old shade on a lamp base. No, selecting the most appropriate style, shape and fabric shade is truly an art form.



For instance, a few years back, I found this fantastic pair of lamp bases; glass with a beveled edge. They are exquisite. I knew they would be perfect for Amanda’s bedroom and what also appealed to me, was the potential to use them again, someplace else, in another incarnation. They are such a classic! The base is square in shape, with beveled angles, so a curvy and shapely shade would have been completely out of place. What I chose was an elegant square raspberry silk, which is absolutely stunning.


The sofa in our Family Room is a warm bronze chenille. When I was in the market for a new lamp, I knew Lamps and Shades in Glen Ellyn would have exactly what I needed. I chose a fantastic stone sculpted lamp base, embellished with charming cherubs. The key to making the whole scenario work was in the shade. I selected a great chocolate brown drum shade, which is bold and elegant.


One of my favorite pieces is a Frederick Cooper floor lamp. What, you may ask, could possibly be so exciting about a floor lamp? Well, allow me to explain. I love it when a simple, functional piece is actually chock-full of personality and style. This floor lamp has it in spades (or bugs). There are layers and layers of leaves made out of silver, matte metal. What adds a bit of whimsy are the bumble bees attached by small cork screw like springs. It is just a-buzz with life.


Another way to add some personality, or re-enforce the mood of your room, is through the thoughtful and careful choice of a finial. Their selection is staggering, finishes in; silver, gold, bronze, wood, porcelain, crystal, precious stones and the like. As impressive as the finishes are, they’re nothing compared to the sculpted styles. I tend to lean towards creepy crawlers, like bumble bees, dragonflies and butterflies, and of course, I am crazy about Buddha’s and elephants (with their trunks up for good luck!). Whatever your fancy, you’ll find it here.  

More ambience, more beauty, more perfectly appointed homes….


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