Guilty Pleasures of the Suburban Housewife..

As the More is More Mom, I’m all about….more guilty pleasures! The life of a wife and mother is never truly your own; chef, short order cook, maid, washer woman, cleaning service, laundress, taxi cab driver, personal assistant, hair stylist, cruise director, party planner, tutor, therapist, referee, cheerleader, nurse. In other words: Indentured Servitude. From sun up, to sun down, it’s work, work, work; on call 24/7. I know. I know. It’s time to call the waa-mbulance…..

On the upside, if you’ve paid your dues and your pals are at school all day, is the possibility to sneak away and play hooky every now and again. There is nothing better than concocting a field trip with your girlfriends. We have been known to hop in our cars, or on the train, first thing in the morning and head into the city. A little shopping at Bloomingdales, Marshall Field’s on State Street or Water Tower (and who wouldn’t love that?) is a novelty. Lunching in the city is always a special treat. Otherwise I have been known to eat potato chips or Peanut M n M’s for lunch; hardly nourishing or completely satisfying. This fall we attended a lecture, by Barbara Glass, on the Top 10 Trends for Fall which was a blast!

There really aren’t that many activities that can be squeezed in, while ensuring a timely and safe return, before 2:15 p.m. Women are, however, a resourceful and creative breed. We still find a way to learn knew culinary techniques at cooking demonstrations. Spring fashion shows are always on our hit parade. Soul sisters take care of soul sisters, never dreaming of allowing a friend’s birthday to go uncelebrated. We live for celebrations. It breaks up our exposure to the noxious fumes of the cleaning supplies. In order to prevent our brains from turning to mush, we even belong to book clubs (and sometimes we even finish and discuss the book).

Though my favorite guiltiest of pleasures has to be morning movie madness! Yesterday, my book club girlfriends and I gathered at 10 o’clock in the morning, in one of the girls’ home theaters, to watch a movie. No, make that a film, because it was way more high brow than your average Hollywood fare. We have been HUGE fans of Swedish author, Stieg Larsson, and His Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Today we viewed The Girl Who Played with Fire, with subtitles, how do you like that for smart? 

There was coffee with pastries, quiches and fruit, and what movie going experience would be complete without popcorn and candy (even at 10 a.m.)?

More high brow entertainment, more time with the girls, more meaningful experiences….


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