Bruce Willis has me seeing RED!

As the More is More Mom®, I am all about…..more movie matinees! I’m afraid it seems as though it has been about 100 years since we have been to the movies, which is a shame because we are a movie going people. Our first apartment was above a five screen movie theater in Chicago’s South Loop (right by the police station at 11th and State). It was nothing short of awesome!

Seriously, the last time we went to the show was over the summer where we saw The Other Guy’s (which was pretty funny), starring Will Ferrell and Mark Whalberg. For us though, that is just way too long in between movie going experiences. Here’s the dilemma; when you have teenagers, you must always be available for carpooling, dropping off and picking up at a moment’s notice. The big car needs to be gassed up and ready to go whether you’re transporting two kids, or six, to parts near and far. Always on high alert, you must be ready to open your home for one pal or a party, and be prepared to almost never go out again, as you certainly cannot leave teenagers unattended. Other parents tend not to like that very much and neither do we. In the meantime, life for Chuck and me can be pretty boring. We decided to satisfy our movie going addiction by sneaking in a Saturday matinee. 

What to see, what to see? Our Nick suggested Paranormal Activity II (no way) or Jack Ass 3-D (not a chance, though Steve-O did win my heart on Dancing with the Stars, and I do like Johnny Knoxville when I see him on Late Night TV interviews. I’m just not loving their whacky hi-jinks and I’m pretty sure most of them have lost some of their teeth, along with most of their brain cells). Chuck wanted to see Wall Street, Money Never Sleeps (we saw the original Wall Street the day it came out back in 1987), but he reasoned that it had been out so long it would likely be on DVD soon enough. We then debated over Social Network and RED, but I don’t care if Justin Timberlake brought Sexy Back, I’m all about Bruce Willis. Ultimately, there was no contest…RED it was.


Now you know what a sucker I am for nostalgia and RED had it in spades!

Bruce Willis portrays retired CIA operative, Frank Moses, who is having a difficult time adjusting to life as a civilian. It seems the only bright spot in his day is chatting on the telephone with his crush, Mary-Louise Parker (of Weeds), about his retirement checks. When out of nowhere, a huge group of assassins turn up in the middle of the night, and try to kill him. What could they have possibly been thinking? This is Bruce Willis we’re talking about here. He’s cooler than cool and no one rocks a weapon better. Bruce is at his charming, self-deprecating, wise talking, gun slinging, action hero best! Though I suppose I am a biased fan, I even liked Hudson Hawk, The Whole Nine Yards and most recently, Cop Out.     

It appears that someone is out to kill him, so he whisks off to Kansas City to pick up Mary-Louise Parker (which is a surprise to her, as they had never met before in person) for safe keeping. When she protests, he simply ties her up with Duck Tape and keeps moving. He is retired CIA after all.

Soon it becomes clear that Frank needs to get “the band” back together; all the other agents tagged RED (Retired and Extremely Dangerous). Truly, how dangerous could Morgan Freeman (who will always be from the Electric Company to me) and Dame Helen Mirren really be?  Though I am going to call John Malkovich out as crazy, because he always plays crazy. Remember him as the bad guy in In The Line of Fire? For some reason, in RED, I felt that he was channeling a little Detective Wojciehowicz from Barney Miller, but I get easily distracted by such things.

Retired or not, I’ll give them that they sure did cover a lot of territory; Kansas City, New Orleans, NYC, Pensacola, Mobile, Langley, Chesapeake, Chicago. I don’t think Thelma and Louise logged as many miles! They strong armed, out smarted and Duck Taped their way across the country. At one point Mary-Louise Parker commented, “You can’t just go around Duck Taping everyone.” (Oh, but there are so many uses for Duck Tape, see my previous blogs: and  )

With all of the former CIA operatives on board it was time to out smart the bad guys. Along the way they run into Ernest Borgnine (of Mc Hale’s Navy fame) and the ever charming Richard Dreyfus (“I-don’t-like-the-panties-hanging-on-the-rod!” Goodbye Girl). How fun is that?

The most fun about the whole RED experience is that the good guys prevail, in an entertaining and action packed adventure!

More matinees, more time with my honey, more popcorn and more Bruce Willis…..


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