October 21, Part Two: For the Love of Labs…

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about….more fun for Wrigley! Truly, nearly eight years ago, I suppose what our family should have had was another baby to make it complete. But, to quote the prolific Rolling Stones, “sometimes you don’t get what you want, you get what you need.” And that’s when Wrigley walked, sprinted, barked, nibbled, chewed, nuzzled and cuddled his way into our lives.

There is nothing our boy loves more than treats, a good belly rub and to wrestle. Yesterday, he got all three.


Two of my gal pal’s have Labrador’s; Cosmo, the Black Lab, is a year and a half. Tagg, another Chocolate Love-bug is four months (his parents have known Wrigley for years. What could they possibly have been thinking ?!?). Wrigley is the old man at nearly 8 (he’s almost 56 in dog years).

As soon as the kids were out the door for school, and Chuck was off to work, I tied my shoes, put on my head phones, slipped on Wrigley’s leash and took him for a quick run. After we got a little work done around the house, I asked Wrigley one of his very favorite questions in the entire world, “Do you want to go bye-bye in the car?” “Do you want” is Wrigley’s catch phrase. Do you want…. To go for a walk? To go upstairs? To go downstairs? To go outside? To get a treat? To go to the Vet? Yes. Yes. And Yes. So, “Do you want to play with puppies?” got a great big, “YES, OF COURSE I WANT TO PLAY WITH PUPPIES!”

I opened the car door and like a homerun, he’d gone yard. No dogs play like the Lab’s. A combined 244 lbs of hyper-spastic, energetic and relentless; running, wrestling, gnashing, ear nibbling, neck gnawing, slobbering and panting fun. Now, Cosmo, the 1 ½ year old, he’s in his prime, in peak physical condition. Tagg, the 4 month old puppy has curiosity, tenacity and endless amounts of energy in spades. My Wrigley, he’s a runner, so he’s in pretty good shape, though he is a little thick around the middle (and who’s not?). But more than that, he’s got heart. However, he’d just gotten home from a run, and as the Senior Citizen, he had to rely on his…..wisdom (which is questionable at best).

Cosmo and Wrigley were the gentlest of giants, and I tell you, that Tagg is a toughie. Caught in the crossfire, he was able to withstand the incidental contact of these two monster’s, pick himself up, dust himself off and get right back in the mix for more. After 90 minutes, they were happily covered in slobber and absolutely exhausted. It was a great day.

Wrigley dragged himself into the house and collapsed in a heap at the bottom of the stairs. For the next three and a half hours he slept and snored so hard that the floor vibrated. When I invited him to go bye-bye in the car, to pick Amanda up from school, he was happy to oblige. Only when we got out to the car, and I opened the door, he just sat there and looked at me. He was beat! I had to tell him, “Baby, you’re just too big for me to pick up.” So I hoisted up his front quarters, and fortunately his back quarters rallied and he made it into the car. He was one happy camper, with the window down and the wind on his face.

This was Wrigley’s luckiest of days. Not only did he get to play with puppies, but he also got a bonus sleep over visit from his Nana (his most favorite person in the whole entire universe). I believe that he was happily able recover and muster the energy for a ruckus, because that’s the kind of guy he is. What do you expect from a baby with heart?

More playfulness, more bye-bye in the car, more fun with friends and more tired puppies…..


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