My Chicago is…. Marshall Field’s on State Street!

As the More is More Mom®, I am all about….more Marshall Field’s on State Street! Okay, okay. I am actually aware that it’s now called Macy’s, which is fine, but it will always be Marshall Fields to me. You have to understand, I am a Chicago girl. I grew up four blocks from the Friendly Confines. The Mayors’ Daley, the first and the second, are both my mayors. I like my Italian from Taylor Street. I stand on tradition…..


Last week I had an appointment in the city, and I had a few extra moments for reminiscing about my childhood. Back in the olden days, my brother and I would take the train downtown and meet my mom. We would head to her office, go to a museum or visit my favorite place in the entire world….Marshall Field’s on State Street.

There is nothing like emerging through the revolving doors into the sweet smell of the perfume and cosmetics department! Counter after counter full of potential and possibility; the opportunity to become anything you can imagine. A girl can be sporty, beautiful, glamorous, sexy or successful. Pretty powerful stuff for a little make-up and olfactory.


The State Street flagship store is the 8th Wonder of the World. There are just so many attractions, floors, elevators and escalators. If you can remember that Wabash is the East, State Street is to the West, Washington Street is to the South and Randolph Street is to the North, you’ll never get lost.

One of the very best parts of the Marshall Field’s shopping experience was, of course, the accoutrements… the green shopping bags, the heavy cardboard boxes with gold leaf trim and, naturally, the authentic Frango Mints.


While every day was a happy day at Marshall Field’s, Christmas was an especially magical time. Every year we would make the pilgrimage to delight in the Christmas windows, visit Santa Claus in the toy department, dine with the Christmas Fairies in the Walnut Room and select a commemorative ornament from the Trim -a-Tree Department. Until one day when my brother and I completely dwarfed Santa, poor thing. It was time to move on…

Once I had children on my own, it was time to revive the time honored traditions. Gone were the lengthy lines at the Walnut Room, they now have a sophisticated beeper system. You take a number to see Santa and the ornaments remain happy and plentiful.

More and more, I am learning that you can go home again, and you should, because it is a pretty nice visit. More shopping (!), more possibilities, more family traditions…


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One response to “My Chicago is…. Marshall Field’s on State Street!

  1. maureen

    I hear you.To me it will always be Marshall Field’s.
    I am a Chicago girl. Born and raised.

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