High School Homecoming Festivities….

As the More is More Mom®, I am all about….more homecoming plans! Spontaneous fun sure does take a lot of coordinating.  For the girls, there’s the dress, the shoes, the purse, the hair, the make-up, the nail polish, the flowers, the pictures, and the kids haven’t even eaten dinner and gotten to the dance yet. Complicating matters further is that the other 750 students that attend your High School need to do the very same, exact thing, at the same time. Talk about gridlock in celebration of the grid iron!


We are lucky parents; Amanda wanted to wear the lovely dress, that she wore to her 8th grade dance, to Homecoming, and why not? She’s only worn it once and it was darling. However, a lot has changed in the three months since 8th grade, and while Amanda would be happy to wear flip flops with her dress, I am insistent that she wear a lady like shoe, albeit with a low heal. Have you been shoe shopping lately? The predominant two choices are hoochie mama and grandma. What’s a girl to do? The answer is easy; drag yourself to every shoe store from here to kingdom come, and be tempted to buy grandma shoes because hoochie mama is way out of the question. And then, at Lord & Taylor, I stumbled upon the most appropriate pair of shoes; black, satin Steve Madden’s, with a thicker heal, a strap across the toes and a t-strap that is embellished with rosettes. Comfortable and lovely…….

Of course, the day will be a total fire drill. Amanda has gymnastics until 1pm (and after that stress fracture in her back, there is no way she can ask to miss a single moment of gymnastics), she’ll have to grab a super quick bite for lunch while I polish her toenails (last night we scrubbed, buffed and filed in preparation), get a two-for by getting a haircut and the benefit of the blow out, race home, have Rosebud do her eye makeup (with a steady and appropriate hand), toss on the dress, wrestle herself into her lovely strappy sandals and be camera ready by 4pm. Whew!

Now the real fun begins…the festivities. With a large party of 22, what’s a group to do? Three weeks ago, I contacted a golf course restaurant and made reservations with a price fixed menu (three entrée selections, unlimited fountain drinks, dessert, tax and tip). Perfect! Freshman certainly don’t need the added stress of ordering off the menu, figuring out the tip and dealing with money. Plenty of time for that later. I zipped out a quick email to the families participating in Homecoming fun, asked for the money up front and their dinner order. I will place their dinner order in advance of their arrival, pay, make up place cards with their name and entrée preference, neatly arranged on the table and allow them to enjoy a stress free, relative first taste, of independence. One of the dad’s involved was cute. He emailed me, “I Thank God that he has given you the gift of hospitality.” How sweet is that?

Throw in bonfire fun at the home of one of the fella’s (a darling boy that Amanda has been friends with since he joined Our Lady of Perpetual Donations in the second grade. He sat next to her upon his arrival and she learned that he was a hockey player and told him, “My brother plays hockey too. You’re a forward? My brother plays forward. He plays at the same club too.” And a friendship was born…) for an “after party,” and I think you’ve got yourself some good, old fashioned, wholesome fun!

More simplicity, more safety, more friendships, more laughs, more memories…..


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  1. I admire someone that takes the pride you have and with your projecton of information.

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