Appreciating Staff Sgt. Robert Miller…

As the More is More Mom®, I am all about ……more appreciating the contributions of others to my family’s way of life. As you know, I love sharing my more of everything is always better philosophy about how to make every occasion special, from the ordinary to the extraordinary. But, as I watch the news, I am reminded how truly extraordinary some people are, and how much their sacrifices impact our ordinary lives.

 Today, Staff Sgt. Robert Miller was posthumously awarded the Congressional Medal Honor. This young man gave his life to protect his troops … and gave his life to protect the rest of us at home. His death struck our community deeply. 

Robert Miller was a neighbor; part of our community. He attended the same church as our family, and the same grammar school as my children. He was a student at our local High School. Robert was even a gymnast that trained at the same gym where my Amanda trains. In fact, their coach traveled to Washington, D.C. to be a part of today’s ceremonies. He was a young man not terribly older than my Nick.

As the mother of teenagers, I can only imagine how excited he must have been when he got his driver’s license; when he got that first taste of freedom. I’ll bet he cruised around town and went to Dairy Queen with his friends. I wonder how many times he might have driven past our street.  He may have even stopped into our local Starbucks where Wrigley enjoys the occasional Pup-accino. 

When exactly did Robert recognize his calling to join the Army? Clearly, he was very bright and a good athlete. Is that why he volunteered for the Green Berets?

I can only imagine how concerned his parents were when he told them he was going into the service. I can also understand how proud they must have been of him when he came home on leave, wearing his uniform and Green Beret. When he was shipped overseas, to a war zone, I can only begin to imagine how worried his parents must have been.

As I listened to the President speak of Robert’s bravery and self-sacrifice, I knew that he and his family had paid the ultimate price; for his troop, for our community and for our country.

 While I didn’t know your son personally, I thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Miller, for raising such a brave, generous and wonderful young man.

And, thank you, Robert, for sacrificing so much, so that the rest of us can have…more.


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  1. Catherine

    What a lovely and unexpected tribute….

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