Beating a Dead Horse…More Laundry!

As the More is More Mom®, I am all about…..even more dirty laundry! What, exactly, is it about asking your children to pick up their dirty clothes that they don’t quite seem to comprehend? I mean, I think they even train monkeys to do that sort of thing…..

My Amanda is one of the most observant people I know. Once, when she was in the third grade, we were at the American Girl Store. This store is so crowded; it’s like a Christmas door buster sale everyday of the year (and yet not a bargain in sight! These dolls have more expensive wardrobes than many adults that I know). Anyway, we’re packed like sardines getting off of the escalator, and Amanda says, “There’s Teddy’s mom.” To which I reply, “Who’s Teddy?” She says, as a matter of fact, “The boy we saw with Nick at the batting cages (once mind you).” And sure enough, she was right. Amanda is beautiful, bright, athletic and observant. One day, I think she might grow up to be one of Charlie’s Angels, which is the reason I just can’t figure out why her clothes don’t end up down the laundry shoot outside of her bedroom?

Nick is even worse. I always know where he’s been in our house by the trail of candy wrappers, empty Cheez-it bags, sticky glasses of orange juice and the discarded piles of clothing; a sock here, the other one over there, t-shirts, school shirts and pants. I spend half of my life turning articles of clothing from inside out, to outside in. Don’t even get me started on the mounds of laundry.

Have you ever smelled a hockey player? It is pretty disgusting. Boy smell is one thing, but man smell is another story all together. The biggest problem is that the boys typically skate at least ten months each year, so the equipment never has time to dry completely. You know what that means; a musty smell at the very least. The best hope you have is to empty your bag and air it out after every time you skate.

Hmmm…..another chore for your teenager.

Of course, the first step is to remove the bag from your automobile, lest the stank be trapped inside a small enclosed space forever. The next step in the process is to take all of the equipment and apparel out of the bag to allow for proper air circulation. When Nick was little, he aired out his equipment in his bedroom with nary a nasty smell in sight. After the onset of puberty, Chuck made a special spot for him to store his gear in the garage. The problem with that is whether you’re coming or going, you are greeted with wafting hockey stench.


The other day, I noticed that while Nick did manage to drag his bag out of the car, he hadn’t bothered to empty it, leaving the smell trapped inside forever. Mothers are warriors, and I am a brave soul; I emptied the bag.


With a clothes pin pinching my nose, what should I find inside? Aside from your usual  shoulder pads, elbow pads, cup, shin guards, hockey shorts, neck guard, gloves and helmet, there were ten Under Armor shirts, 19 individual socks for your feet (and some even made matching pairs), 4 sets of hockey socks (the ones that go over your shin guards) and seven jerseys. After two loads of wash, it was all clean. Nothing a little circulating air and some soap won’t cure. A novel concept.

More smell, more bravery, more laundry, more things you do for your family….



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3 responses to “Beating a Dead Horse…More Laundry!

  1. My family of 3, none of which are teenagers, some how manages to make 12-14 loads of laundry a week.
    Can’t wait until my 3 year old can tackle laundry (isn’t this why you have girls?) Do you think 4 is too young? 🙂
    I feel your pain… endless…

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