As the More is More Mom®, I am all about…more prep-stalgia! I couldn’t possibly help but notice the nod to the Preppy Way of Life in a variety of fashions and styles, especially more shoes!

These days, I have been out and about, desperately in search of the perfect sandal for Amanda for Homecoming.  Which, let me tell you, is nearly impossible for those of us that don’t want their daughters looking like hoochie-mama’s. I am a huge fan of girls looking their age. Meanwhile, after I had been cruising the malls in search of the world famous elusive shoe, I stumbled upon the most perfect, “prep-stalgic” style of shoes…the Top Sider.

Nearly 30 years ago, for my thirteenth birthday, I received one of my favorite books ever…..The Official Preppy Handbook. It became something of a style bible for me. Of course, at the time, I only paid attention to the aesthetic value of the book; how does it look to be preppy? Well, the answer to that was simple…..

The world of the Mid-western Prep-ster was a beautiful one. There were so many wonderful and identifiable fashion trends. One of my favorite, go to prep-ster stores, was Pappagallo, though I was a fan of L.L. Bean and Land End too. Pappagallo always had the most perfect shoes, handbags and accessories. I, for one, have always loved the whole prep-ster vibe; turned up collars on the Polo shirt (layered was even better!), the cardigan, artfully draped over ones shoulders, the pink and green any and everything is so modern (!), Izod Lacoste, which was only found in select department stores….read exclusive, the monogram (which has totally made a come back, particularly in jewelry), the oxford button down dress shirt (fabulous!), Fair Isle sweaters, kilts, knee socks, Bass Penny Loafers, Tretorn tennis shoes and, my favorite…the Top Sider. You know, the boating shoe…..


What’s old is always new again. The Top Sider has made a come back and with a vengeance! In my day, the classic Top Sider was a straight forward, simple, chocolate brown boat show. These days, the sky is the limit… we’re looking at a gambit of styles; plain red, plain blue, traditional plaids amidst caramel leather, completely plaid shoes in red and green, black patent leather, gold metallic and my favorite, animal skins.     

I must admit, for the sake of “prep-stalgia” I did purchase a chocolate, crocodile embossed Top Sider this season, and they are fantastic! They make me think of more of my youth, more preppy style and a more simple time…..



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4 responses to “Prep-stalgia….

  1. Maureen

    I have a few boat shoes. One is dark pink suede. The others are the traditional brown that we grew up with and I also have a red pair. I just prefer comfort.

  2. Mrs Lilly

    Laura has the gold ones so preppy lives on

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