Total Tailgate Togetherness….

As the More is More Mom®, I am all about……. more tailgating! My Amanda has hit the ground running, enjoying her freshman year at St. Feels Right For Her, but there’s always room for more fun with friends. I’m highly in favor of a festive good time, so my neighbor Missy and I decided that tailgating before the High School football game would be the perfect opportunity for our girls (Amanda and her pal Rosebud) to celebrate and embrace the High School experience……

While my motto most certainly is; more of everything is always better, sometimes my more practical nature recommends making life slightly simpler. Instead of tailgating in the school parking lot and schlucking tables, chairs, coolers, food, beverages, the grill and Bag-o’s, we decided that tailgating in our neighborhood would make things oh so much easier. Actually, it was perfect; we blocked off part of our street, put up orange cones and got cooking.


What a beautiful night, with a slight breeze and no mosquitoes (a total party killer). One of the things that I love about Missy is that she, too, is a stickler for authentic experiences. Every good tailgate starts with transportation to the game, so we opened up the hatch on the SUV and set up shop. One banquet table, covered in Astroturf, served as a grilling station. Another covered with a blue plaid (the official pattern of tailgating) blanket to match their school colors, served as a buffet table. A pop up picnic table was the perfect place to take a seat and grab a bite to eat.


The menu was easy. We had potato chips, Dorito’s and French Onion Dip, salsa, guacamole and tortilla chips, for the health nuts, a veggie platter, cheese and crackers and Twizzler’s. For the main entrée we enjoyed grilled hot dogs with all of the fixings and pulled pork sandwiches on mini buns. All good parties end with dessert. We found the cutest cupcakes; blue whipped frosting (to match our color scheme) with little footballs on top.


It’s not good enough to merely be tasty, the spread had to look great too! What better time to pull out all of your Super Bowl finest than for a High School football party? Football shaped platters and bowls, referee platters and touchdown trays. A picnic wouldn’t be complete without galvanized tins and trays, wicker, a football, a hurricane filled with Goldfish crackers and a tin featuring pennants to show your team spirit.


No party is complete without entertainment…. Bag-o’s (the bean bag toss game), jamming tunes and a place to do hair and make up. Okay, so it might not be a completely authentic tailgate party, but primping is part of any teenage girl’s party experience.   


The best part of tailgate fun with your friends, however, is being together, making new friendships and more memories…….


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