More Style For Less at Target….

As the More is More Mom®, I am all about…..more style and more savings! You know that I am a devotee of Target. While their women’s apparel totally rocked all summer long (to paraphrase Kid Rock), I have been seriously concerned at their recent lack of style in the way of home décor. Last spring they debuted their whimsical line by Liberty of London, which was FABULOUS, but, what have you done for me lately (to quote Janet Jackson, circa 1986)? 

Enter John Derian, trend setting decoupage artisan, who has brought his smart design aesthetic to Target with super fun (and affordable) dinnerware, serving pieces and stationary wardrobes. Yay!

More of everything is always better, especially dinnerware. What a great way to infuse a little life into your everyday pieces. I have an enormous wardrobe of dishes that I love to mix and match as the occasion dictates or the mood strikes me. You may actually find this hard to believe, but I don’t even own formal china. I much prefer an eclectic sensibility.

The Derian collection is wisely made of durable melamine (a fancy way of saying acrylic, which is a fancy way of saying plastic) so it is perfectly suitable for inside and out. There are the cutest appetizer plates; butterflies (my personal favorite), dragonflies (a close second), lady bugs (a sentimental favorite because I call my Amanda my Lady Bug) and for the luck of the Irish, a four leaf clover.


How cute are the flatware inspired appetizers plates? They have a surreal quality; the knife, the spoon and the fork. Very sassy!


The botanical quality of the dinner plates is amazing. They would be absolutely perfect on a summer table with crisp, white plates or in a harvest setting with beautiful golden pottery.


 I’m a huge fan of bugs (not the creepy crawlies, but the stately and elegant), so I am particularly drawn to the square dragonfly platter (like a moth to the flame….).


Handled trays are so versatile. The enormous water lily is striking with its intense crimson accents.


Dinnerware isn’t the only way to bring a little John Derian into your home. There are gorgeous, wallpaper inspired picture frames to showcase some of your most special family memories.


I’m the kind of a gal that is crazy for art work displayed wall to wall, floor to ceiling. The black rubbed frames, with a worn red peaking through, display lithographs of Evergreen, Turning and Majestic trees. Tuck one next to your favorite reading chair or stack all three together for visual impact. Either way they are lovely.


Hurry to your nearest Target store (this is totally not a paid endorsement, though it should be) because housewares with this much style won’t last long. I only wish John Derian had been good enough to design…..more!


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