Parenthood: Real vs. Television

As the More is More Mom®, I am all about….more Parenthood! Not the heartwarming, in my own home, make sure the kids did all of their homework and are wearing clean underwear, everyday kind of parenthood, but NBC’s smash hit. Personally, I am considering this the official kick off to fall Network Programming (though the rest of my shows seem to start next week. I’m okay with a little something to wet the appetite. Desperate for it in fact.). Thank Heaven’s for Parenthood’s triumphant return because I am a tad bit tired of a summer full of the Diva’s on Bravo (that includes Jeff from Flipping Out, and I don’t actually care that Bethany’s Getting Married).

The movie Parenthood is one of my all time favorites. I have been a Steve Martin fan since he was a “wild and crazy guy”, long before he became the quintessential family man (Father of the Bride I and II is another family fav!). And who doesn’t love Ron Howard? If he’s not Opie Taylor, then for sure he’s Richie Cunningham from Happy Days. You know I’m a sucker for nostalgia.

I am in love with the new Braverman family. NBC did a great job bringing the story line up to date and with the casting, though Craig T. Nelson will always be Coach to me (again with the nostalgia). It strikes a great balance between reality, humor and wishful thinking. If you’re not going through life’s trials and tribulations, then you must surely know someone that is.

There is something to be said for isolating your child from everyone else in the entire world…otherwise they tend to learn nightmarish and uncomfortable things. In tonight’s episode, Julia’s little one pretty much wants to know if it’s true where she’s heard that baby’s come from (and I am talking she has enough medical information to become an obstetrician). This makes me thankful that when my pals were her age they only wanted to know about Santa and the Tooth Fairy.

However, for me the best part of the episode was when Haddie and Kristina, daughter and mother, got into a virtual scuffle about learning how to drive. Boy does that hit close to home (“hit” is term that I use metaphorically speaking, not car on car damage)!  I have fond memories of frantically depressing the fake brake and holding on to the arm rest for dear life when Nick was lerning how to drive. Ah, the good old days!

Nick has been driving for 2 years and he does a smashing job (no wrecks yet)! This weekend, however, we are having a life altering experience… Amanda starts Driver’s Education. I remember when she first learned to walk and talk, and read and write. It seems like only yesterday. Now we find ourselves with a teenager, soon to be Licensed to Drive…her parents crazy.

The best thing is that I know I won’t take this Parenthood journey alone. In addition to family and friends, I’ll have the Braverman’s and they are just as likely to be crazier than we are. Looks like we’re going to be ready for more patience, more learning, more laughs, more love and more good times….


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