Fun Girls and the Fighting Irish…

As the More is More Mom®, I am all about…….more fun at my first girl’s weekend ever! Sure, over the years Chuck and I have been away for a few days here and there (furniture shopping in North Carolina was my personal favorite, though I am not quite sure Chuck would agree). For years we’ve had to divide and conquer between hockey games, golf tournaments and gymnastics meets. But in 20 years of marriage and 18 years of motherhood, I have never before left my family (not that they wouldn’t have enjoyed a respite).

I guess it’s just that I’ve never viewed my family life as something to take a break from. While I may do an awful lot of hollering, I would have never wanted to miss a single, solitary moment. When my fabulous friend Elena invited me, and a bunch of my favorite girls, up to her lake house for two nights of girl fun, I admit I was hesitant. But I’ve got teenagers now. If Nick isn’t playing golf, skating, or hanging out with the fellas, he’s watching a movie with his girlfriend (lights on in the basement, PLEASE!). Amanda is a busy High School student. She goes to football games, the show or hangs with her girlfriends watching movies and making s’mores at a bonfire. Chuck and I merely provide refreshments or transportation. My people don’t actually need me for that, so I said; YES!!


Of course, more of everything is always better…especially luggage! Four girls on a road trip in our Yukon XL (I am even all about more automobile). Duffel bags, hanging bags, tote bags, make up bags, shopping bags and multiple coolers, stacked to the ceiling of the cargo area, spilling out over the third row. It is quite likely that we brought more wine than shoes. I could barely sneak a peak out the rear window. Good thing I practically have a trucking license.

On the agenda upon our arrival; Spa-ing, cocktail-ing, dining, cocktail-ing, girl-talking (even headstand-ing) until the way, wee hours.


Saturday it was time to get our game faces on. Even though I scarcely know the difference between a first down and a touch down, I was pretty psyched about the big game. Really, does it get much more exciting than Notre Dame vs. Michigan? There’s nothing like tailgating Fighting Irish style! We had sub after sub after sub from our favorite place, Augustino’s Rock n Roll Deli, and to wash it down…. A little bubbly!    


What a game, and the half time show wasn’t bad either. Who knew that the Michigan Marching Band was a Lady GaGa tribute band? Sadly it wasn’t ND’s day, but it certainly was ours, because we squeezed in a little more tailgating fun. After 8 hours on campus it was time to head back to the house and put on our jammies. What better way to end the day than with an appetizer buffet, a glass of wine and a little…Hot Tub Time Machine? (a MUST SEE for anyone that came of age in the 80’s, with the iconic John Cusack).

I must say my first ever girls weekend was a smash hit! What could be better than more time with girlfriends you love, more laughs, more fun and more memories?



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2 responses to “Fun Girls and the Fighting Irish…

  1. jess

    I loved this blog entry! You captured our fun so eloquently!!!!

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