Mad For Plaid….

As the More is More Mom®, I am…more mad for plaid! With the end of summer florals, plaid is back with a vengeance. It seems to be on everything; shirts, jackets, scarves, dresses, belts, headbands, earrings (that’s weird), shoes, handbags and the list goes on and on…

When I was a teenager (one hundred years ago), The Official Preppy Handbook was my bible. Because mothers are the keepers of everything, I will have to ask my mom if she knows where that book is. It’s only been about 25 years since I’ve looked at it, but I expect she’ll know where it is immediately, because that’s what mothers do best (other than kissing boo-boos and making everything better). As a preppy lover, I was a huge fan of Lacoste and Polo shirts, argyle socks, monogrammed crew neck sweaters, pinstripe oxfords, penny loafers (with real pennies inside, though at the rate of inflation silver dollars might be more appropriate), Le Sport Sac bags, and the tartan plaid kilt, adorned with the gigantic, iconic, safety pin.

Plaid is popping up everywhere in all sorts of incarnations; classic prepster, sassy Scotsman, lumberjack….your dad. There is nothing happier than the perfect plaid, however as the More is More Mom®, even I must concede, plaid is a pattern best employed with restraint.


I think the perfect plaid piece for fall is the classic trench coat. It’s fabulous in all sorts of classic combinations; black and white, blue and green, tan and black, red and navy. Talk about making a statement!

While plaid is a classic, its current incarnation may show itself as a fun trend. You can’t go wrong with an investment piece like a Burbery, but if you’re only interested in seasonal fun there are tons of options. You’ll be tripping over plaid tops in every style and for every budget. Wall to wall, rack to rack, the plaid top is everywhere. There are some great selections;

At the quintessential J Crew, you get smart and preppy:


My health club (I love any place that has an unexpected gift shop):

Reasonably priced;

Old Navy:


Target (always trend setters):

Then you’ve got your accessories, a playful way to incorporate your plaid-itude;


Scarves (though I don’t quite get the fashion scarf with a short sleeve t-shirt, I prefer the statement necklace):


Tres fun plaid rain boots:

A great umbrella:


Even Chuck Taylor’s gone plaid:

What could be more spectacular than having more fun this fall with more plaid?


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