Hey, Hans and Franz… A Little More Consideration Please!

As the More is More Mom®, I am all about….. more weight room etiquette. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m no GI Jane, in fact, some days I think I’m moments away from giving in to a permanent pair of Spanx (otherwise known as a gut sucker). If I were brave enough for liposuction and a tummy tuck, it would certainly be an option. Instead, I continue to nibble and nosh. And besides, you’ve seen all of the delicious meals I prepare for my family, do you blame me?  However, when I do go to the health club (to quote Bill Murray from the cinematic masterpiece, Caddyshack), I’d like, you know, a little something for the effort….as in something along the lines of consideration….

For starters ladies and gentlemen, we are at the health club, so stalking one another for a parking place closer to the entrance does seem like somewhat of a contradiction. Follow the appropriate traffic patterns and no one will get hurt.

 I must say, things are certainly running amuck in the free weight room. As with all relationships, it’s the little things that count the most. Catching up with your pals is sooooo much more fun than working out. I’d certainly prefer to work my yapper rather than my poor, tired, aching body, Heaven knows. Some days my chit chatting puts me severely behind schedule. As a consideration to your fellow man (woman or child), think about moving your reunion away from the workout equipment. There is no reason to sit on the weight bench, or hog up a coveted machine, while you are reconnecting with a long lost friend. My health club even offers free coffee and a lounge for such pursuits. Take a load off and catch up over a warm beverage. Life is short (and so is my time allotted for torture at the health club).

Seriously friends, we are all on a pretty tight schedule. If your hearts desire is to be the only person using the machinery, buy a Bo-flex system, or an at home gym, and be done with it. Be mindful that there might actually be another member that might actually desire to use the same equipment that you’re using. One evening, Chuck was at our health club and a lady was monopolizing all of the time on a certain piece of equipment. He nicely asked her if she would mind if he “worked” in a set with her. She thought he might have been looking for a date and rebuffed his advances. Like I always tell my kids, “Would it kill you to share?”

On the other hand, none of these offences compares to my biggest pet peeve. I presume that your mother does not work at the health club, so I will give you a piece of advice; re-rack your own weights. I totally get it if you are working a circuit. As the More is More Mom®, I am completely in favor of the use of more efficient time, and an “active recovery”, but monopolizing the equipment while you have no intention of using it is a horse of a different color (to quote the Wizard of Oz….I have spent a lot of time as a stay at home mom. Besides, the Wizard of Oz was one of my favorite movies before I became a parent anyway.). There is nothing that frosts me more than eyeing a piece of equipment, making certain that no one else has any intention of is using it, and cleaning up someone else’s mess. And by mess I usually mean sliding 100 lbs of weights off the bar and re-racking them, while I search out my paltry poundage. 

While an inconvenience at the health club is hardly the end of the world, an already tiresome and unpleasant experience could be made all the better by a little…..more thoughtfulness and more consideration. Now drop and give me twenty!



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3 responses to “Hey, Hans and Franz… A Little More Consideration Please!

  1. SuelynK

    That blog is soooo true. What I hate just as much is when someone is on their cell phone, talking loud enough to be heard throughout the gym…without the phone.

  2. Linda

    You are so funny!!! Enjoyed this one.

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