Call the Doctor. Nick’s Got the Shanks!

As the More is More Mom®, I have been all about learning…….more about the game of golf. What little I know about hitting the links I’ve learned from movies like Caddyshack, Happy Gilmore (love the fist fight with Bob Barker) and Tin Cup. Still, I suspect there’s more to the story……

 Some of it I totally get; the importance of a great tee shot (Nick drives the ball over 300 yards), landing in the fairway, staying away from the fescue (tall, dense grass. Now I’m just showing off.), sand and water, the short game, the chip shot, removing the pin, putting and most importantly, high fashion. I think my Nick does a fine job. He’s a 3 handicap and he’s on the Varsity Golf team. However, when I heard Nick had a case of the shanks, I immediately made an appointment with our doctor.

 It turns out that to “shank” the ball means you hit the ball with any part of the club other than the clubface. Apparently when you have “the shanks,” for some unknown reason, you routinely miss hitting the ball with your club face and the ball doesn’t go anywhere near where you were hoping it would. I’m coming to understand that having the shanks is very stressful and is a complete and total nightmare for your mental game.  As it is, Nick will NEVER be a poker player. He doesn’t have a good poker face. His body language tells the whole entire story (and the grunting and muttering fills in what the body might have left out). 

 While Chuck and I were out, a distressed Nick asked Amanda (who was such a fair weather golfer as a youngster that she and her pal Coco would play 3 holes, give up and instead partake in snacks at the club house) if she knew anything about a golf swing. To his surprise, she replied, “Actually, I do. I was watching golf with Dad yesterday and they showed a segment about improving Tiger’s swing.” To which Nick responded, “Get in the car.”


He dragged her to the golf course and had her explain, over and over, exactly how they improved Tigers swing. Happy to oblige, Amanda demonstrated by holding a club up against Nicks head. She said that Tiger was moving his head and his upper body around too much. That’s all Nick needed to hear. Swing after swing, he had her hold that club up against his head until he got rid of the shanks.

Sounds crazy, but I was delighted to hear that Amanda showed such compassion for her brother, and helped him in his time of need, by placing what could be construed as a weapon up to his head (certainly fair payback for the numerous occasions that Nick checked her into the wall practicing his mad hockey skills). More family helping family, more bonding time together and no stitches to the head or trips to the Emergency Room. What could be….more heartwarming and rewarding?


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