Look Out High School, Here They Come!

As the More is More Mom®, I wish we could turn back the clock and have….more time together.

How could the years have possibly escaped from us? Has it really been eleven years since Amanda and Rosebud, her lifelong pal, headed out the door for Our Lady of Perpetual Donation’s Pre-School together? They were just such little munchkins. No matter where they went; soccer practice, music class, swimming lessons, we never lost track of these two because they were so easily identified by their great big hair bows. One in every color, for every outfit, for every occasion. Ah the good old days….


We must have started to loose control by the beginning of fifth grade. Gone were the hair bows and their American Girls. Suddenly they knew about things like Limited Two and Abercrombie and Ugg boots. Before long they wanted to go watch the boys play basketball and go to the movies by themselves. They begged us to take them to see Taylor Swift in concert, started to bring their I-Pods into the shower, were styling their own hair and wearing…..eye makeup. It was official. Our little girls were growing up.

And now, ever so suddenly, the day is upon us. Today, Amanda and Rosebud are headed out the door for their first day of High School, together.


It nearly didn’t play out that way at all. The girls were going to be parting ways as Amanda was all set to attend the Be All and End All Academy with her brother Nick. As the months went by, we had a change of heart when we really thought about where Amanda would be best served. At the last minute, we knew that Amanda would be a perfect fit for St. Feels Right for Her. 


Even though I long for the nostalgia and simplicity of the past, I’m excited to be a small part of their High School experience. They’ll go to football games and dances, get their driver’s licenses and make wonderful new friends……together. What could be more wonderful?


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