Lights, Camera, Action…Outdoor Movie Night!

As the More is More Mom®, I am all about…..squeezing more fun out of the end of the summer! One of our very favorite summer traditions is to show movies out on our deck. Watching a picture outdoors always feels like an event. It’s like being at the drive-in, only with the benefit of more comfortable seating, better snacks and beverages (and by beverages, I mean cocktails) and way cleaner restrooms.

 Several years ago, Chuck bought a projector for a presentation he was giving. While he was practicing, he put in a DVD and we were delighted to watch the images dance across our walls. Who needs a projector for business when you could just as easily use it for monkey business!?! A tradition was born……


With an old receiver, DVD player and speakers we were ready for the credits to roll. In the beginning we used a little ingenuity by hanging a white vinyl shower curtain liner (clean, right out of the package) from the eaves. The problem with this genius method was that we could never get rid of the folds in the vinyl, so the pictures were all wrinkled and rather distracting. Now we have a very nice tripod projection screen; easy to store and simple to use.

We’ve had so many fun theme filled nights; birthday parties, the neighbor ladies, couples, friend’s, Amanda’s gal pals from school and gymnastics, mothers/daughters, my book club, our family. On occasion we’ve lugged out all of the equipment just for the five of us (which includes Wrigley. He’s quite the film aficionado.). No matter who’s over or what we’re watching one of the best parts of Movie Night is the refreshments!


To set the tone at the refreshment counter, I cover my table in black, slightly sparkly felt that I purchased from the fabric store. Felt is durable, inexpensive and easy to iron. As an added bonus, the cut edges don’t fray, so there’s no need for a hem.

I am always in favor of grand, sweeping entrances, which is why I am head over heals for my gigantic hurricanes. For Movie Night’s I fill them up with popcorn and place enormous 8” wide, three wick pillar candles. They make quite a statement.


Now that we have set the stage, it’s time to fill in with some of the details. Years ago, when I was an assistant Brownie Troop Leader, I purchased 26 plastic popcorn containers from the $1 section at Target. I had really good intentions about using them for an activity for our little Brownies, but their potential really got the best of me and I kept them for myself. That’s why I was the assistant and not the leader. I line up however many containers are needed for the night and I fill them with Okey-Dokey popcorn. Who doesn’t love the Okey-Dokey?


There’s no need for the Candy Man when you’ve got the Candy Mom. I’m not the More is More Mom® for nothing. First, I have two silver vases that I fill with red licorice. The licorice cascades like a lovely bouquet of tulips. So artful. Then, I fill a tray with the most ridiculous and obnoxious amounts of Movie Theatre candy; Junior Mints, Milk Duds, Raisinettes,  M n M’s, Cookie Dough Bites, you name it. Wal-Mart carries the big boxes for like $1 a piece. Isn’t that awesome? The kids go crazy (adults have been know to loose their minds too)! Round out the refreshments table with beverages for everyone in your group and you’ve got yourself a party.

 The very nicest aspect of Movie Night is having more opportunities to connect with family and friends. More tasty treats, more laughs, more time spent together and more good times…..

 Thursday, August 12th, please visit me and my “It’s Complicated” Girls Movie Night complete with recipes…….



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2 responses to “Lights, Camera, Action…Outdoor Movie Night!

  1. SuelynK

    How much are the tickets…and can I bring a date?

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