The Last Lazy Days of Summer….

As the More is More Mom®, I am always thankful to find that my family has…..more lazy days of summer. While the summer began with great big sighs of boredom, I’m happy to report that our days have been filled with family, friends and fun! While we didn’t go on any big vacation, we have made the most of stay-cation 2010…..

 The beauty of summer is having a little extra time. We’re not off to hockey games and gymnastics meets, near and far, at all hours of the day and night. There aren’t any last minute school projects that require odd voltage batteries or poster board at midnight. Lunches aren’t being packed at 6:30AM. No uniforms need to be dug out of the laundry and sprayed with Febreze as we are racing out the door. It’s a beautiful thing!

 I love for the five of us (Wrigley too) to have dinner together on our deck. What a treat it is to have the luxury of time. With busy teenagers, we’re not together nearly enough, but it is great when we have the opportunity to reconnect.

 Not unlike all parents of teenagers, Chuck and I are usually in a state of limbo; waiting to drop off, or pick up Amanda and her friends, waiting for Amanda’s friends to be picked up at our house, monitoring Nick and his absolutely darling girlfriend as they are hanging out in our basement (with the lights on PLEASE!), or waiting for Nick to get home by curfew. Thankfully curfew is at 11PM, because I’m not sure how much longer we (and by we, I mean Chuck, because if I sit I sleep) would be able to stay awake. To while away the hours we bike, go to the movies or pray for the return of new network programming in the fall. But that’s okay, we don’t mind a bit.

 I think the kids have had a great summer. Nick has caddied (though I’m not sure he ever “loves” being at the Caddyshack by 7AM, he does come home with some very funny stories…some that are even suitable for younger viewers), played in a number of golf tournaments, played 3 on 3 hockey with his buddies, hung out with his pals and even went on his first road trip with two of his closest friends (though supervised by an adult upon their arrival. I am all about respect, supervision and safety. That may be boring, but my number one priority is to keep my children alive to tell the tale.). 

Amanda is a blossoming, busy bee! While she may train at the gym 20 hours each week, her work day is finished by 1PM… most of her pals are just finishing their breakfasts. If she’s not meeting the girls at the pool, she is racing out the door to join them for lunch, the movies, a little window shopping or pal-ing around with the girls at our house or that of another girlfriend. She has even been diligent about keeping up with her summer reading (in the lap of luxury; on a hammock, wearing a neck pillow with the assistance, encouragement and company of Wrigley…mans best friend).

All in all, I would say that summer of 2010 has been a good one; more friends, more quality family time, more relaxation and more good times…..


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