Rembrandt, Monet, Family Photos or Lithographs; Artwork sets the tone in your home!

As the More is More Mom®, I am all about….more artwork! There are so many fantastic elements that are integral to the development of personal style. The personality of a home evolves and matures over time, just like the people that live there. As an Interior Designer, one of my favorite ways to tell the story of our lives is through that which adorns our walls. Incorporating artwork into our homes reveals a little bit about our selves; our interests, our appreciation, our sensibilities, our sentimental natures.


By and large, I am a huge fan of an artful and unpredictable arrangement of artwork. There are certainly occasions when a large, single piece should stand alone to make a statement. At other times, a linear or methodical pattern makes a visual impact. To satisfy my own personal taste however, I prefer a well though out collage.


In my own home, there are a number of vignettes that make me extremely happy. The single most important element that makes these groupings attractive is the commonality of theme. Take my kitchen for instance. One of my walls showcases no fewer than 14 pieces in an area that spans 7’ wide and 3.5’ high. There are a few key factors that make this arrangement pleasing to the eye. Each of the pieces has something in common. I have combined decorative plates in varying shapes and sizes with a variety of different types of artwork. The subject matter for any given piece is either a rooster (very French kitchen-y) or fruit (very kitchen-y). Another element that brings them all together is the predominant chosen color scheme; sage green, gold and red. This particular arrangement happens to be symmetrical. I began with my largest piece first, centered, and built evenly around it. There is a square picture to either side and below each is a small octagonal plate. The row underneath features two large rooster pictures flanking a smaller, hand painted piece with a large matt. On either side of the entire arrangement are three plates stacked together. The first, on either side, is an octagonal, decoupaged rooster, below which hangs a series of Raymond Waites study of fruit. Beautiful!


Perhaps my very favorite arrangement, though I am a huge fan of everything, is my foyer. The main wall, heading upstairs, features 38 pictures depicting mostly butterflies with a smattering of dragonflies and bugs. What I love best is the unpredictable flow from piece to piece. I began my arrangement with the two largest pieces in my collection and built outward from there. What I am left with is an interesting placement of varying sizes of rectangular frames that compliment one another by subject matter and frame finish; gold leaf, bronze and textured; a very interesting study!

I absolutely adore my powder room! The color is a bit of a shocker compared to all of the warm gingerbreads, yellows, sages, reds and browns in my home; it’s a bright, fantastical blue. One of the very best parts is that I am working with a small, octagonal window on one wall. In an arc above the window I have placed 5 decorative plates. On either side, below that last plate, is a three dimensional, gold leaf, birdcage that lies flat against the wall. As a strong anchor below the octagonal window is a large, beautifully framed and matted picture of elegant bugs at a soiree. It is so sophisticated, but what makes it most special is that it was a gift from my lovely friend and neighbor, Mrs. Hobbs. Her pup Mr. Hobbs is Wrigley’s very best friend in the entire world (and how many of us can say we have a very best friend in the entire world?). Flanking the elegant bug picture from Mrs. Hobbs are two more antique pictures portraying bugs at play. You know I am crazy for the bugs!


In Chucks office is yet another collage; oil paintings, pencil drawings, decorative plates and even a clock. In homage, to our beautiful (yet awful and exhausting) Wrigley, is a wall full of hunting dogs as the subject matter. The varying size, type of painting and framing determines the formality of the picture. This subject matter hit a homerun in our book!

The most important advice I can share with you is; more interest, more media, more balance, more commonality, more meaningful subject matter…..more harmony with the artwork in your life….


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