Take the Last Train to Elmhurst, and I’ll Meet You at the Station..

Take the last train to “Elmhurst” and I’ll meet you at the station……..As the More is More Mom®, one of my favorite things to do is share an evening with friends!

In this lifetime, it is a completely complicated endeavor to find one friend with whom you make a life long, lasting connection. It is practically unheard of for entire families to fall in “love” with each other.

Well, we are one of the lucky few…… When my Nick (now a senior in HS) was in first grade, he had a lovely classmate whose older brother (now a sophomore in college) skated with him at Hockey Power-Skates on Monday nights. Amanda and the younger brother are pals, and everyone is simply head over heels for their littlest sister. I love the mom. Chuck adores the dad. We have a match made in Heaven (the rarist of combinations indeed!).

Our families do all kinds of fun things together, including a day of shopping in Chicago for the girls, while the boys spend the day at ESPN Zone. We meet up for dinner on Taylor Street, and the rest is history…..

 Each year, our families board a train for dinner in Elmhurst. Of course we could all certainly make the drive there, but what would be the sport in that? Taking the train has got way more game! In the beginning, it was a blast for the kids to board the train. They were always sooooo excited. Now we take the train for the sake of tradition, which is a perfectly acceptable reason.

This year, things have changed. The big kids were busy; out of the country, at track practice and at a hockey game. It was time for a breath of fresh air! Amanda brought along two gal pals; we invited another family to join us and another fella that the freshmen have known forever!

 What a night….dinner at Armand’s Pizzeria (a family tradition), dessert at the Brain Freeze and back on the train headed for home. What a perfect night for a family…..more friends, more family, more fun, more pizza. What could be more memorable?


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