MacGyver Strikes Again; More Uses For Duct Tape!

What is a teenager to do on a Sunday afternoon? The likely answer, or course, would be something fun with friends, but in the absence of a trip to the pool, the mall or the movies, I suppose they are stuck at home with their parents. It’s rather tragic really.

Chuck and I like to get our exercise by biking 15-20 miles a day on the weekends (I bike to burn enough calories for wine). Finding my teenage daughter, Amanda, bored out of her mind, even after I suggested her boredom might be cured by cleaning the bathroom or taking a crack at her summer reading, I insisted she come on a bike ride with her dad and me. As you can imagine, she was oozing with enthusiasm.

Amanda met us in the garage with her IPod strapped to her arm, tunes jamming. She promised she would only wear one of the ear phones for the sake of safety. “Perfect”, I said,” because you also need to wear your helmet for the sake of safety.” Oh. My. Gosh. You would have thought that I told her Abercrombie closed. She told me there was no way she was wearing that helmet.

Apparently it’s been a while since she has been on a serious bike ride. I dug around the storage bin in the garage and stumbled upon her hot pink bicycle helmet adorned with sweet, little, bumble bees. Oops; hardly a fashion statement for a stylish teenager.


Once completely convinced that not wearing the helmet was a total deal breaker, she grabbed it and stormed off to her bedroom; Ms. MacGyver to the rescue. Moments later, she emerged from the house, resplendent, with a fabulous new helmet. Finding yet another use for Duct Tape (she has quite an impressive collection), she re-covered the offensive helmet in fabulous tie-dyed Duct Tape, creating an impressive fashion statement. I think she should sell them on E-Bay. Ralph Lauren, move over.

We had a wonderful bike ride, Chuck, Amanda and me. More fresh air, more time spent together, more safety. What could be more perfect?

To read about more uses for Duct Tape, please visit my archives for June 1, 2010


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