Hockey Pucks and Oreo Cookie Cake….

You must know that for me, the More is More Mom®, more friends, more wine and more dessert is a deadly combination…..

Hockey has been a humongous part of our lives since my son, Nicholas, professed his love and enduring devotion to the sport…..14 ½ years ago (he’s almost 18, so it’s been quite a while). I don’t know why hockey families get such a bad rap; have you ever been to a little league game? Animals, I tell you (I won’t even get in to the drama at gymnastics!)! We have met the most wonderful families during our tenure. Seriously, anyone that is willing to spend all of their hard earned money and every spare moment with their child; in freezing cold ice rinks, at all hours of the day and night, at parts near and far, is a gem in my book.

Even though our boys have gone their separate ways, and haven’t skated together in five years, some of the best times we have are with our hockey friends. This weekend, we got together for a BBQ~Swim Party and I brought a little something special for dessert…..


Oreo Cookie Cake:

I strongly suggest you invest in these fabulous pans from Williams Sonoma. Last year I received them as a hostess gift (how clever is that!?!) from my wonderful friend Julia. I was so enamored with them, I bought a second set. You know, more is more…..

The beauty of the cookie cake is its simplicity and the “WOW” factor. In the summertime, I bring them everywhere (on a platter that I select for my hostess and leave as a token of our appreciation for the invitation)! More of everything is always better. I made one as a gift and one for home.


Once you have the pans, all you need is;

1 box of chocolate cake mix (I used Dunkin Hines, Devils Food, Moist Deluxe)

Cover with Non-stick spray like crazy.

Fill each of the two pans half way (any more will result in the cake rising up too high in the center, which will not allow for the cake to lie flat).

Cook as directed.

Allow cakes to cool.

Place one cake, unfinished side up, on a platter.

Spread one container of whipped vanilla frosting (I used Pillsbury) evenly over the cake. Top with the second cake, unfinished side face down.


What could possibly be easier than that? I like to garnish with Double Stuff Oreo Cookies (because they are delicious and have visual impact).


Cut, serve and enjoy……More dessert with more friends is always more better!


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