The Lovely, Layered, Locket….

As the More is More Mom®, you know that I am always about……more jewelry trends! The bottom line is this….. I love stuff. While I may be crazy for quantity, I’m rather discriminating about quality; a deadly combination (catastrophic to the bank account!).


This season we are seeing so many fun and flirty fashion trends. Jewelry absolutely sets the tone for an outfit and makes a statement. The perfect pieces, strategically placed, can ratchet a casual ensemble up a few notches, or provide a playful point of view to a more serious and traditional look.


In every shop I visit these days, I’m noticing updated interpretations of classic pieces.     Timeless with a twist! I’m particularly partial to….the locket.


What updates this piece is the elongated, link style chain, from which hangs a pearl-escent face, encrusted with rhinestones in a floral motif ……totally upping the fashion quotient!


Layering always adds interest and dimension. I’ve chosen my classic strand of pearls to pair with the locket as a compliment to the pearl element. The pearls make it timeless and elegant, while the updated locket makes it modern.


Alternately, a very wide, gold link chain provides a playful and funky vibe to the classic locket.


Because More is More…..I adore the option of wearing all three at once! It’s the best of all worlds….more fashionable, more flirty, more fantastic and more fun! 




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2 responses to “The Lovely, Layered, Locket….

  1. Vanessa, I look forward to your blog every morning!

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