We had a bad case of Bieber Fever….

Amanda and I were so sick this weekend; we had a bad case of….. Bieber Fever!


As the More is More Mom®, I have been all about….more Justin Bieber! Haven’t heard of him? Well then, you apparently don’t live with a teenage girl. He’s the latest, cutie pie, teen singing sensation, and in my day, I would have been totally drooling all over pictures of him in Tiger Beat magazine (pulling out the centerfold poster and hanging it on my bedroom wall, doodling; I “heart” Justin Bieber.).

You know that I am a teeny-bopper at heart, which makes me somewhat of an expert in assessing teen idols. The Saturday’s of my youth were spent, with rapt attention, loving every single second of Mr. Dick Clark’s, American Bandstand…..followed by jamming out the tunes with Don Cornelius and the Sooouuul Train. Back in the olden days, when I was just a tween and teen, I was smitten with the King of Pop (only then I suppose he was just a prince), Michael Jackson, Andy Gibb, Shaun Cassidy, Leif Garret, George Michael, Prince and my ultimate Teen Idol…..Donny Osmond (Patron Saint of all Teen Idol’s, whose feast day is December 9th. You can read all about him in my archives……).


Well, on Father’s Day (at my Faux of July party), my cousin, Nurse Terri, had a bee in her bonnet. She was on the ultimate quest to buy Justin Bieber concert tickets for Amanda and her niece, June-bug, and asked me if I wanted to go too. Hello!?! Miss out on teeny-bopper concert fun? No Way! So what if the concert was 2 ½ hours away in the Quad-cities; can you say…..road trip?


I’ve seen Aaron Carter, Jesse Mc Cartney, Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas and not one of them holds a candle (not even a coveted disco ball) to my Donny, but I must confess; this Justin Bieber is pretty darn cute. He sings about love (Puppy Love? Perhaps this kid is on to something….) and devotion and respect. Literally, he wears his heart on his sleeve (seriously, every shirt he wore in the concert had a great big heart on the sleeve. How cute is that?). The noise; the screaming, the singing…….I was exhausted! The girls were pretty loud too.


What I absolutely adore about Justin Bieber. is that he comes across as sweet and sincere (just like another, certain pop idol that I know…..). Being earnest is an endearing quality. While Justin Bieber might not be as “Sweet and Innocent” as a certain, Donny Osmond, he’s pretty close. Justin Bieber is darling and cute and charming……..just like a teen-idol should be.

“And I was like
Baby, baby, baby ohhh
Like baby, baby, baby noo
Like baby, baby, baby ohh
I thought you’d always be mine, mine……”

Justin Bieber is; more sweet, more sincere, more talented, more funny and more everything a teen idol should be………


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