Fore…..A Day (or three) On The Links….

21,000 yards, 54 holes and 15 hours. As the More is More Mom®, I am all about….more golf?


My Nick loves golf. He plays on the Varsity team at the Be All and End All Academy, where he will be a senior in the fall. He’s an Honor Caddy. He’s willing to watch golf on TV and find it interesting. For the past four days, he and I have been out of town so he could participate in a golf tournament.

We were chit-chatting with my mom on our road trip and she told him, “You’ll shoot well, because you shoot well.” Words of sports wisdom from the woman who always asks, when at Wrigley Field (mind you, I grew up 4 blocks from the Friendly Confines), “Which ones are the Cubs?”

I don’t understand golf. I can’t follow the ball. I have trouble counting the strokes. For some unfathomable reason, during the tournament, Nick asked me to fore caddy the 8th hole. Perhaps in the heat, he saw a mirage….someone that had some knowledge about the game of golf; though I did give him some food for thought when he got caught behind a pine tree, “WWPD? What Would Phil Do?” That’s Phil Mickelson for those of you that know even less about golf than I do. Even though Nick has explained it to me umpteen, million times, I still can’t figure out the difference between; a birdie, a bogie and a mulligan. Now baseball talk is something I can sink my teeth in to; dirty glove, pull hitter, franchise player, 6-4-3. I love that!

The one thing that I do understand is the appeal of riding around in a cart, cocktail in hand, on a beautiful and sunny day. Seriously though, if I had 5 hours to do anything it would more than likely involve the mall.

I can say however, that what I enjoyed more than anything, was more time with my Nick. How else does a mom get to spend 96 hours straight with her teenage son….even if it does invlove the mindboggling game of golf?



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2 responses to “Fore…..A Day (or three) On The Links….

  1. Michelle

    I LOVE THIS!!! Love the way you write Vanessa!!

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