The First Day of Summer? I’m Already Tired!

Ah, June 21st, the first day of Summer; more sunshine, more flowers, more baseball games, more barbeques, more ice cream, more watermelon, more water fun, more bike rides…..more college visits?

I am sooooo tired! I was up for three days getting ready for our Father’s Day celebration. My family has been very patient with me, as I can’t wait to share a fantastic 4th of July party with you. So, for Father’s Day, I planned an amazing menu, with a beautiful buffet and tablescape, and my family indulged me by celebrating the Faux of July! Next week I will be showcasing delicious recipes and party planning tips! Yay!

In the meantime, Nick and I hit the road at 6:00 o’clock Monday morning for a quick road trip and college visits. Again….Yay!

The days are inching closer and closer to the time that my Nick heads off to college and that makes me very sad; I’m not ready to let him go (and clearly it’s all about me). My Nicky is amazing…he’s bright and funny, with a wicked sense of humor, he’s talented, he’s exceedingly kind and he’s quite handsome (if don’t say so myself…). It is impossible to imagine what our household will be like without him (other than very quite), and it makes me exhausted just thinking about it!

If I’m looking at the glass as half full, then I appreciate the time we’re spending together. There’s nothing more fun that coercing a cranky teenager out of bed in the morning (or afternoon), and hitting the road, just the two of you. Monday, our day was exciting (especially the 40 minutes we spent in the most awful, torrential down pour EVER! White knuckles and everything!). There was no Donny Osmond sighting, so I should have known; we visited a very small school, and it reminded us of how much we enjoyed another small school. We visited a large campus and it reminded us of just how much he enjoyed another large campus.

Five hours in the car, two campus’s, an audio book (Who’s Your Caddy, by Rick Reilly, was great, but it was no Confessions of a Shopaholic!), and more time with my fella….what more could I ever ask?



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2 responses to “The First Day of Summer? I’m Already Tired!

  1. Me too! Camp is not like school at all, all my “me” time just went out the window

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