Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates…..Sort of.

Life is like a box of chocolates……sort of.

My book club is the best! There are eleven of us; all mothers from Our Lady of Perpetual Donations Grammar School. Between us, we have 30 children in grade school, high school and college. What we lack in diversity, we make up for in commitment to our personal ideals and perspective (most shared, many unique). We have read a huge variety; classics, pop culture, best sellers, controversial books and sleepers.

We have always met in the evenings for a few snicky snacks, cocktails and scintillating discussions. But motherhood is a tough and demanding profession. Evenings can be complicated with family commitments such as homework (if I can’t comprehend the material, I can certainly crack the whip!), sports (fans and transportation are always in demand), dinner (why are these people always so hungry?) and work (bringing home the bacon is nowhere near as much fun as eating it!). Some nights it’s simply impossible to squeeze it all in.

During the school year we’ve decided to try something completely new……luncheon meetings. Thankfully, we’re back to our summer evening hours, because too many cocktails at lunch seems kind of booze haggy. Cocktails in the evening feels completely social. Regardless of when we meet however, one problem still remains: while everyone attends the meetings, not everyone reads the book. Hmmmm. What to do?

My dear friend Julia had a delicious idea; if you haven’t managed to read the book, you are required to bring a box of good chocolates. Like truffles. While M n M’s are to die for, only decadent and luscious chocolates will suffice.

Well, we met Wednesday night for our first meeting since instituting the new bylaw. We enjoyed a great night full of love and laughter, thoughtful discussion and two beautiful and amazing boxes of chocolates…..How sweet it is!


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