Wrigley Says, “You’re Not The Boss of Me!”

Wrigley was an adorable, but awful puppy! I suppose, in the end, we were just ineffective owners. Perhaps that’s been our problem all along…..we don’t see ourselves as his owners, but as his family.

He’s a pretty funny character, that Wrigley. At 7 ½ years of age, he’s still a bit of a pup. I think, because he sleeps with Chuck and me, that he thinks that he is one of the leaders of the pack. Clearly, in his mind, Chuck is in charge, and I think, he thinks, that he and I tied for second. Wrigley has always and forever been gentle with Amanda. Even now, when she leaves the yard, he follows her all the way to the edge and then cranes his neck to watch her until he can no longer see her in the distance. He doesn’t nibble on her or bark at her particularly. She is his golden child.

Nick, on the other hand, is the weakest link….. From day one, Wrigley’s goal in life has been to dominate Nick. It must be an alpha dog thing, but I can tell you its rather bothersome. He’s like that pesky younger brother; he wants to do everything Nick is doing and to have everything Nick has. He’s a pest!

A while back, Chuck, Amanda and I were gone for the day, leaving Nick in charge of Trouble…..and boy was he ever!

The instructions were simple; when you get home from school take Wrigley for a walk. Well, Nick is a creature of habit as the Crown Prince of our household. He’s like an old man. He walks in the door, removes his tie (discarding it in the Mud Room), takes off his dress shirt (discarding it in a pile on the Kitchen table), deposits his wallet and car keys in a heap on the Kitchen island, and drops his trousers in the Powder Room. He riffles through the mail to locate some reading material, grabs a snack (usually Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups or a plate full of home made baked goods and a great big, cold, glass of orange juice…Tropicana, No Pulp), and then retires to the sofa to relax…..

But Wrigley needs to go for a walk, apparently interrupting Nick’s hour of relaxation, so instead Nick opens the door to let him out in front. Wrigley has been known (okay is known daily, even multiple times daily) to leave the yard and go visit our neighbor two doors down. He’s like a raccoon; she gives him treats and he keeps coming back. After he’s had a chance to play (and has a belly full of ill-gotten gains), Missy brings Wrigley home. She knocks on our door to return Wrigley to his rightful owners and Nick has to answer the door in his undershirt and boxer shorts (at least he was wearing them!). I suppose it is at this moment that Nick determines he should put on some pants.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Moments later, we are told, Wrigley taps on the door again (his way of letting us know he’d like to go outside)……and Nick lets him out! It appears to Nick that Wrigley is mulling about the driveway enjoying the fresh air. A short time later Nick goes to the window to check on Wrigley and he is no where to be seen. Now Nick is getting worried, so he puts on a pair of shoes and goes outside to investigate. He looks down the block to find our neighbor, Mr. N, heading towards our house with his own dog for a walk on her leash, and Wrigley following close behind. Mr. N said that Wrigley liberated himself from our yard to head over to play with Cazzie (his well behaved dog). Wisely, getting a gander at Wrigley’s razor sharp pearly whites, Mr. N didn’t think it was worth risking life and limb to slip a leash on Wrigley’s choke collar, so decided they would all just walk Wrigley home together instead. Wrigley is beside himself with excitement and won’t come in the house on his own accord, so Mr. N brings Cazzie in our Mud Room so Wrigley will follow suit. Aha! He’s been out smarted! Nick apologizes and thanks Mr. N and Wrigley is thoroughly disappointed. In all of his excitement, he knocks over the umbrella stand, sending it crashing to the ground, shattering to pieces.



Fool me three times…..really, three times? Wrigley taps on the door, and an exasperated Nick lets him out again! This time, Wrigley makes no pretense of mulling about the yard like an angel, but instead, at top speed goes flying out of the yard back to Missy’s house, with Nick, this time, in hot pursuit. Wrigley is a man on a mission. He’s like the Tasmanian Devil, whirling past Missy and her pooch Gen, and is frantically digging behind her bushes. Fast as lightening, he un-Earths a moldy old rawhide bone, and before Missy and Nick can wrestle it out of his mouth, he swallows it whole…. In One Big Gulp! Completely satisfied, Wrigley then walks to the middle of Missy’s front yard, and proceeds to leave an enormous gift!

Wrigley turns to Nick and says, “Just so you know, you’re not the boss of me……”


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