I Am So All About The Terrarium As Art…

This may seem entirely silly, but I have been so all about the terrarium. As the More is More Mom®, when I get a great big bee in my bonnet, I cannot rest until I have fulfilled my destiny….and today it is the terrarium.

You know that I am a complete scavenger and that I am a collector of scraps of ideas and inspiration. For months I have been yearning to plant greenery in one of my apothecary jars. I know plugging up the hole in the oil spill would be so much more productive, but my single minded focus has me concentrating elsewhere.

Not too long ago I was at Hobby Lobby (one of the greatest stores ever invented behind TJ Maxx & More, Target and Tuesday Morning) and stumbled upon these two beautiful, footed, glass vases. I have been dreaming of interesting ways to incorporate them in to my home and I decided that they would be perfect for the terrarium. I have been so excited about the idea that I’ve decided to make another one as a gift as well.

The very best thing about creativity is having the license to interpret your vision any way you see fit. To me, a terrarium in a formal footed vessel screams juxtaposition and elegance. I intend for them to take up residence in my Dining Room. The container that I have chosen for my friend is a classic and streamlined cylinder.


This is the easiest project ever. You will need;

  • Glass container
  • River rock (or something artful and large to provide drainage)
  • Potting soil
  • Plant of your choice



The bottom layer of your vessel will get stacked with rocks to provide drainage for your plant (and prevent root rot…..yuch!).


You will add a small layer of potting soil, making a well in the center for the roots of our plant.


After you add the plant, the sides can be filled in with more potting soil for even coverage. Here’s a tip; this is just one of those things that you learn along the way…. I underestimated the amount of River rock I would require and the amount of soil that I would need. When I added my lush greenery, the whole arrangement was just too high. I didn’t want the plants to be peaking out from beneath the glass top. I really needed a plant that was a bit more compact. I ran back to Home Depot and picked up African Violets. They were perfect!


Water gently and admire your simple, interesting and organic piece of living art work. Enjoy…..


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