Oprah Says This is the Best Turkey Burger Recipe Ever…And Donald Trump Agrees!

Whoever really has time to watch television? It’s not until about 8:30 or 9:00 at night that I might plunk down in the Family Room, but even then I’m usually working on a project. That’s not to say that I don’t have the idiot box on all day, it’s just that I’m mostly listening rather than watching (does that make me only half an idiot?). Well, this past Thanksgiving break, I was listening to the Oprah Show were she was featuring segments about some of her favorite foods. Apparently, the turkey burger at Mar-a-Lago (Donald Trumps private club in Palm Beach) is to die for, and to prove it, The Donald visited Oprah and brought her a burger! How cool is that? Donald Trump as your beck and call boy?

Turkey can be rather bland, but all of these beautiful flavors blend together for a tart, tangy and sweet tasty sensation. I caution you however; this may appear to be an awful lot of work for a burger, but it’s well worth the effort. Besides, unless you are making them for a party, you’ll never be able to eat all of these patties at one sitting, so you can freeze them for dinner another day. You’ll be happy you did….

Mar-a-Lago Turkey Burger (as seen on Oprah):

I believe it’s a good idea to mix all of the ingredients really well, so as I chopped, I tossed these first three items in a bowl and stirred until the flavors were blended.

•¼ cup thinly sliced scallions (I actually used about ½ cup (more of everything is always better) of diced, rather than sliced scallions. My feelings are that these first three ingredients should be uniform in size.)

• ½ cup finely chopped celery (for me, that’s enough. I’m not a huge lover of the celery)

3 Granny Smith apples, peeled and diced (really dice up the apples, because chunks would just be too big)

Heat 1/8 cup of canola oil in a pan and sauté the first three ingredients until nice and tender. Set aside to cool.

Again, I prefer for all of my ingredients to be well distributed, which is why I do them in this particular order (do I need to scream OCD?). In a large mixing bowl, combine:

½ bunch parsley, finely chopped (I love parsley, so I chopped up the entire bunch. Besides, what are you going to do with the other half of the bunch anyway?)

2 Tbsp salt (always a fan of the sea salt)

2 Tbsp pepper (I can’t get enough of the cracked black pepper. It’s to die for.)

2 tsp Tabasco chipotle pepper sauce (really, I know a little goes a long way, but come on, 2 tsp? I used at least double that.)

1 lemon, juiced and grated zest (again, I’m all about the authenticity of the zest, but combined with all the other ingredients, fresh lemon juice isn’t a priority. That’s why God invented bottled…..)

To the mixing bowl, add and combine:

¼ cup Hot Mango Chutney, pureed (why use ¼ cup when you can use a half? I also did not puree the bottled chutney. There were only a few scattered chunks and I thought they added to the charm of this dish.)

To the mixing bowl, add and combine:

• All of the sautéed scallion, celery, apple mixture

Once all of the beautiful flavors are blended together it’s finally time to add and combine:

4 lbs ground turkey breast

Form in to patties.

4 lbs of turkey yields a good number of patties. Those that I am not cooking today, I place in individual sandwich size Zip-loc baggies. The meat is so soft and mushy, that I use a spatula to transfer from the platter to the baggies.

My pals won’t eat the turkey burgers, so I bundle the remaining patties in groups of threes (individual meal serving sizes for Chuck and I), placing them in freezer safe, Zip-loc baggies. Then, I can pull them out when we’re craving a good burger.

Pre-heat your grill.

Season patties with salt and pepper to taste. Toss on clean grill. Cook for about 7 minutes per side (or until the meat is thoroughly cooked). Top with your favorite condiments…..and dinner is served!


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