More Entertaining…Are You Hosting Enough?

As the More is More Mom®, you know that I am totally about…….. more entertaining! There are so many things that I love about hosting family and friends in our home; the most important being making those lasting connections to the people in our lives, and the fact that I simply live for a good time…..

I’m more about “monkey business” rather than Crain’s Chicago Business, but Chuck passed along an article to me that was just too intriguing to resist. In the June 7th “The Business of Life” section is a piece entitled, Are You Hosting Enough? It just struck a cord.

Maybe it’s because I come from a small family that I have this burning desire to fill my home with people. I like to entertain largely for selfish reasons; it’s a creative outlet, an opportunity to experiment with new recipes, a chance to bring people together, make connections, the best way to get to know your children’s friends, and I just have a knack for it. My philosophy is that every event, big or small, should be celebrated (or at the very least acknowledged).

The article was interesting in that it largely represented the perspective of those that entertain guests in their home. One of the most wonderful and intimate experiences you can share with a friend is to be invited in to their home, from my point of view. Just like people, entertaining styles come in all shapes and sizes (intensity level and budget), but the most important part is extending that hospitality. An event can be a big, huge, over the top affair, or a quiet, simple pizza dinner and a bottle of wine (or if I’m a guest, make that two).

I feel strongly that when you accept an invitation, you make a contract to be a good guest; arrive on time (never early), bring a thoughtful hostess gift (flowers are okay, but only if you bring them in a vase, seriously though, you can be more creative than that), play along with the program for the evening (if it’s a Luau, where a hula skirt, but you may forgo the coconut bra…. though do wear a bra.), be engaged in conversation (you are not there to be entertained, you are part of the entertainment. Be witty and charming and keep offensive opinions to yourself…. if you would like to be invited back), help clear the table (scrape the plates, rinse and stack. That’s enough. I know I have a system ~shocking~ and would prefer to finish things up myself), don’t overstay your welcome (if there is no more wine…go home! If your hosts put on their pajamas…go home!).

The other part of the contract is simple; if you repeatedly accept invitations, it’s only fair that you extend them as well. The options are endless….cook dinner in your home (for a crowd, or for a few), host your friends at a restaurant, have a picnic in the park. The important thing is that you… just do it (or is that Nike’s slogan?). In any case, more festivities, more fun, more family, more friends leads to more lasting connections. Cheers!


Please click on the link below, and view my audition for “Your Own Show” on the OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network).  Vote early and often…that’s the Chicago way!

Vanessa’s Audition: Vanessa – The More Is More Mom – OWN TV

Thank you for your support!! I truly appreciate your help and friendship!


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