Duct Tape, MacGyver and a Visit From OSHA….

By no means is my Amanda a high maintenance kind of a gal (sooooo unlike her mother!). I mean, really, what kind of self respecting teenager routinely turns down offers to stop in and check out the newest and greatest merchandise from American Eagle? When I was a teenager, I would have walked on hot coals and shards of glass to get to Chicago’s famed Century Mall (I would take the 22 Clark Street bus and spend all of my babysitting money). However, there is one thing that Amanda loves more of and that’s …….DUCT TAPE!

Amanda has quite an impressive Duct Tape collection.

At her friend Rosebud’s birthday party, they decorated shirts.

In honor of our mother/daughter outing to a Taylor Swift concert, Amanda made a picture frame.

She makes all sorts of accessories, such as; headbands, belts, cell phone cases and the trendy and popular wristlet.

Amanda makes birthday cards and stationary. To best differentiate her notebooks for school, Amanda decorates them with unique and customized Duct Tape designs and color schemes.

This weekend, Chuck was busy mowing the lawn, edging the grass and trimming the bushes. He decided that one of our trees needed a little trim off the top….right now! While he might not be a professional landscaper, Chuck can handle any job, anywhere, anytime because he is kind of like MacGyver. My job was to hold the ladder and find him some….DUCT TAPE. Well, that was easy. I called to Amanda and she came racing down the stairs with a beautiful, teal roll, of Duct Tape.

MacGyver, I mean Chuck, grabbed the electric hedge clippers and attached the clippers to a light bulb changing extender pole. He secured his invention by wrapping the ends together with Duct Tape, and turning the clippers to the “on” position (clearly, safety standards have been considered. Ha, Ha, Ha. Perhaps this sort of maverick behavior is the source of how Chuck wound up severing his thumb from his body….and fortunately having a successful replant!).

We’re just lucky to not have been paid a visit by OSHA….


Well, necessity is the mother of invention; more needs lead to more solutions. I suppose we are a More is More kind of family…..


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