Sex and the City II….A Review From the Suburbs

As the More is More Mom® I couldn’t wait to get swept up in more banter, more glamour, more fashion, more decadence, more sparkle, more……Sex and the City!

I first met Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte years ago on HBO (had I not been introduced to them on cable, I might not have been quite so taken, because really, if you take out all the Sex, all you’re left with is…..the City, and how average is that? I mean, I lived in “A” City, and it wasn’t nearly as lively an experience.). These girls and their antics were shocking (even to me, and my very favorite word in the entire world is the “F” word!) and irresistible. Their larger than life personas were perfectly suited to the big screen, which is what I liked about Sex and the City, the Movie.

The girls are back and as brazen as ever!

Sex and the City 2 opens with Liza (with a “Z”) officiating the nuptials of Stanford and Anthony (Mario Cantone is always hilarious!). With the encouragement of the two Liza Minelli impersonators, the real Liza belts out Beyonce’s Single Ladies, resplendent with hip action and booty slapping. That is just about where all the fun ends, sadly…..

Our girls are all at manufactured (ridiculous and self indulgent) crossroads.

Carrie Bradshaw, successful writer extraordinaire, is finally married to the elusive Mr. Big. After two years of marriage (two years!) she wants to get a little bit of that “sparkle” back in to their relationship (hello, try being married for 20 years and we’ll talk about keeping marriage fresh). She wants to be wined and dined and entertained and adored (which she is, so……. why the long face, chum?).

Samantha is always Samantha, and while she is drop dead gorgeous, she is just too mature to play the naughty party girl (and why would she want to?). It’s kinda desperate, it’s kinda sleazy, it’s kinda vulgar and it’s kinda gross.

Miranda, who is usually my least favorite character, is shockingly happy, appreciative and content (even if she did just quit her job).

My sweet little Charlotte, on the other hand, deserved a swift kick in the rear end! Harry is a devoted husband. She adores her little Lily and was blessed twice with the arrival of her (cranky) Rose. She lives in a fabulous New York apartment, doesn’t work and has the help of a live in Nanny and she is grumpy and dissatisfied? The girls might be a tad but happier if they ever considered taking off their stiletto’s, even while in the house, for just a moment. Their feet must be killing them, which would make anyone unreasonable!

The girls jet off to the Middle East, where most New Yorker’s get a way from it all (of course, Sex and the City 2 is truly just like any Bing Crosby and Bob Hope Road to…. Picture; Road to Bali, Road to Morocco, Road to Singapore……Road to Abu Dhabi). It was a giant rouse to allow the girls to wear fabulous clothes, fabulous shoes, in fabulous surroundings, eating fabulous food and enjoying fabulous scenery. Well, that part worked….

Thankfully, in the end, they all found resolutions to their “conflict”; Carrie is happy in her life with Big, Samantha is happy in her relationships with strangers, Miranda is happy with her new job, and Charlotte appreciates her family and all of her many blessings.

The More is More Mom® is more likely to recommend watching this picture flicker across the screen via your cable box, rather than pay full price at the Box Office…..(though the fashions were a dream, paying $10 per ticket was not!).


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