When the French Market is in Full Bloom….You Know That Spring Has Sprung!

The Annual Opening of the French Market is a sure sign that spring has sprung! The French Market is a curious adventure. Each week fine purveyors set up shop to show their wares. As the More is More Mom® I am always intrigued by the notion of so many wonderful and varied products. I am certainly not one to become overwhelmed by the quantity, that actually excites me, but I do struggle with the practical matter of how exactly I would incorporate all of these beautiful things in to my life. I suppose for me it is all a matter of timing. In my fairly well organized existence, I see Sunday as the beginning of each week. By Saturday morning my week has virtually come to a dead halt (seriously, I have known for at least 6 days what I was going to prepare for breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday, so you just can’t throw a monkey wrench in to my system by introducing new possibilities. I have a plan and it is written down on a Yellow Letter Size Pad of Paper (which I happen to purchase from CostCo) that I keep in my kitchen. I’m not a, “go with the flow kind of gal”. I’m not a “pencil it in” kind of girl either. To me everything is written in Sharpie…… otherwise known as permanent ink.).

I am drawn to the romantic ideal of the French Market. The fresh produce, the beautiful flowers…… In a perfect world there would be a place for all of these lovely and wonderful things;

The fruit is luscious, and makes me think that if I were a better person (instead of the extreme chocoholic that I am) that I would be serving these juicy-good-for-you-morsels with every meal. I would even enjoy a piece of fruit as a snack (do grapes that have been stomped on count as a fruit? Because I totally think they do…… except for people that are under the age of 21.).

If these gorgeous vegetables don’t scream “Ranch Dressing” I don’t know what does. I would dip them, roast them, sauté them, or grill them.

All of the beautiful baked goods make me yearn for fresh butter! You could certainly enjoy the pastries for breakfast and the Heavenly breads for lunch and dinner!

Now the flowers are a killer! I adore the sentiment of a fresh bouquet, displayed in a crystal cut vase in my home, but the practical application? Not so much. As the More is More Mom®, every nook and cranny in my home is filled with objects that make me happy. Flowers are certainly nice, but take planning and a commitment to actually enjoy…. To incorporate a bouquet full of flowers would require that I re-locate other fine objects in my home. Frankly, all that last minute switching stuff around makes me nauseous and anxious.

On the other hand, pots of flowers are a Horse of a Different Color (do you love the Wizard of Oz reference? I think I am extremely clever!). Pots of flowers can be incorporated anywhere and everywhere…..They are lovely and can adorn your entry, add charm to your back yard, or re-potted in fabulous planters, can be used in the interior of your home. They are all so yummy!

Our four legged furry friends are not forgotten at the French Market either. There is a beautiful stand set up with raw-hide and jerky type snacks for our little Hairy, Love Bugs……..

Aside from the discipline involved with utilizing the French Market to it’s greatest advantage, my complete and total downfall would be the jewelry that is offered EACH AND EVERY WEEK! Having already prepared for my weekly meal plan, I am left with nothing to do except purchase completely fabulous items that I don’t need……which for me would include nothing less than all the jewelry!!!

So you see, the idea of he French Market is intriguing……but the practical application would render me completely broke; and who needs that on a Saturday?


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