Get Your Gloss On……

I have always been the kind of a girl that liked to play with make-up, and products, and scents, and lotions. If I were going to be stranded on a desert island I would be lost without perfume or body spray (I’d like an antiperspirant too), eye liner, mascara (a total must because, even though they are long, my lashes are fairly light and I look like I have that disease where you loose all of your eye lashes if I’m not wearing any mascara. And I’d need it to be waterproof, because clearly we would be near the water if we are stuck on an island.), lip liner, loose powder and…….lip gloss. I am certain it must either be my OCD, or perhaps just another personality quirk (is it possible that they are one in the same?), but my lips must be coated with something at all times; lip balm, lip stick or lip gloss.

As the More is More Mom® I keep a stash of lip stuff everywhere; in my powder room; in my car; in every purse I carry (and I have many, many purses because I love accessories so); in my make up bag that I carry in my purse, I have no fewer than six different lip coverings; in my make up bag in my bathroom; and then of course my inventory of fresh, new tubes of lip balms, sticks and glosses. There is nothing sadder than running out of….anything.

This year for my birthday my pal Peg gave me a beautiful, jingly bracelet from the J Crewe Fairy and a tube of her very favorite lip gloss! It is beautiful; creamy and shiny and shimmery….but not sticky! When my hair is blowing in the wind, whipping across my face, it never gets trapped on my lips like flies on sticky fly paper. My hair just brushes past, smooth as silk.

What, you may ask, is this miracle product? It would be Chanel’s, Levres Scintillantes (so French and sophisticated I don’t even know what it means), Glossimer. There are 32 different shades of colors from which to choose, and I have Pagoda.

Whether I am wearing lip stick or lip gloss, I always begin with a lip liner. I use so much of it that I don’t think it warrants spending a fortune. L’Oreal, Color Riche Lip Liner, in Beyond Pink is perfect. I like to match my liner to my natural lip color, rather than my lipstick (then you only need one, simplifying your beauty routine…….simple, from me? I know it’s down right comical!). After I line my lips, and fill them in with my pencil, I set the color by dabbing loose powder over my lips. I happen to be partial to Clinique’s loose powder. Finally, my lips are ready for the piece de résistance…..the gloss. A little shimmer goes a long way in making a girl feel ready to take on the world.

Here’s to Chanel…..gloss on!


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