Catch Up…….With Cupcakes!!

Why are the days so fraught with obligations and commitments? It’s absolutely exhausting. The frenetic pace of a busy family is akin to a tornado whipping through our homes, leaving destruction and ruin in our wake; the piles of paperwork and projects, discarded clothes and shoes, the yard work, the housework. Absolute madness I tell you. Today I was thrilled to have a “Catch Up” day, where I just got to be a mom.

I know it doesn’t sound relaxing, or exciting, but to me there is little as thrilling as trying, in some small way, to get my life in order. I relish that feeling of accomplishment when I check something off my list. It makes me feel like I’m making progress somewhere. Let’s see, after I went to the health club this morning, and worked my facial muscles (mostly around my mouth) more than anything else, I came home to sort through the miles of piles of papers that have begun to over take my kitchen counter. I folded laundry, brought those items to the appropriate bedrooms, started more laundry, washed the mudroom floor (it gets filthy. I don’t know what’s worse; that which Wrigley tracks in, or that of the children… Nick wearing his dirty golf shoes, with grass caught in the spikes, in to the house? Hmmmm, I think man’s best friend might not be the biggest factor. That’s why he’s man’s best friend.).

Having the luxury of time today, I looked in my pantry to find that I was in possession of Dunkin Hines chocolate cake mix. What screams “great mom” better than a freshly backed after school treat (which was made practically from scratch)? I whipped up the mix in a matter of seconds and made 28 cupcakes (I might have made more, but I was too busy licking the bowl…..breakfast of champions!). I do always like to be prepared for any potential event, or social situation, so I am usually pretty well stocked; cupcake liners, mixes, frosting and sprinkles for instance. I frosted my cupcakes (and was brave enough not to lick the spatula afterward) and embellished them with colorful pastel sprinkles.

Sadly, because I had made so many, I didn’t have enough room for all of the treats on my pedestal cake plate. As the More is More Mom® you can imagine that I am rather well equipped to manage most household matters with relative ease. So, I zipped down to the basement and pulled out two of my portable treat carriers. These are awesome. I got them about 100 years ago at Wal-Mart for $2.98 each (I have four…and you must be totally shocked that they do not hail from the land of Target), and they are perfect for transporting cupcakes. They have a handle and a lid and they stack very nicely. I filled up two and stored them in my extra refrigerator in the mudroom.

Well, as I was finishing washing the dishes (I do have a dishwasher, a lovely one as a matter of fact, but I love doing dishes….and ironing. Is that weird?) Amanda called and asked if she and her group of classmates could come to our house to work on their school project. Perfect! Now I knew what I was going to do with all of those cupcakes!


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