Why Go To The Pharmacy When There’s An InstyMed Machine?

As the More is More Mom® my days are over run with more unmade bed making, breakfast preparing, lunch packing, laundry sorting, floor sweeping, dish doing, grocery shopping, kid schlepping, dog walking, dinner cooking, homework policing, clean-up nagging, wine drinking and go to bed begging……illness denying. I can’t afford to be sick. Mother’s of America…… I know you, you know, what I mean.

On a Saturday morning, six weeks ago, I finally broke down and went to Urgent Care for goopy head stuff that had become unbearable. The nice doctor did the nice thing and juiced me up with meds and told me to go home and get some rest. I said I would right after I went to my son’s hockey game, to which she replied, “A cold ice rink is the perfect treatment for an upper respiratory infection!” In agreement (wink, wink), I was off.

Over the next several weeks, I’ve gotten only marginally better. Because I am the mom, I self diagnosed and determined that the remedy was a course of Claritin D, Sudafed PE and a wine chaser. Today I could take it no longer. For weeks I have had ears popping, post nasal drip, dripping, and now my throat…..excruciating; I pulled in the driveway, dropped off Amanda, picked up my book (Jodi Picoult’s Handle With Care, so far so good), you know I’m a multi- tasker, and zipped over to Urgent Care.

This is the best place ever. No line. Nice staff, nice nurse, nice doctor……and a very nice InstyMeds machine. No need to drive to the pharmacy, no need to wait 40 minutes for your prescription, no need to buy magazines and sundries you don’t need. The InstyMeds machine is one of the best inventions of the 21st century, just behind the I-POD (my most prized possession). It’s just so Jetson’s. The machine asks that you confirm your birth date, punch in your prescription number and insert your method of payment, and within three minutes……your medicine! All that’s left is to head home, take the first dose, follow up with a wine chaser and watch a little American Idol and re-runs of Modern Family!


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