Ode to Lady Liberty….of London that is!

As the More is More Mom® you know my motto is, “More of Everything is Always Better”……which would include the super cool line Liberty of London designed for Target this year. Two months ago I was perusing the pages of In Style Magazine, the bible of up to the minute fashion trends, when I took note of a feature about Liberty of London bringing their hip design sense to the States by way of the ultra cool, fashion forward and smartly affordable….. Target Stores. Genius! Those Target people are so darn clever. They are all about great design at reasonable prices, and they rarely disappoint.

I tore the page right out of the magazine and tucked it neatly in my purse. Armed with my arsenal of weapons….Visa, American Express and my Debit card; the treasure hunt was on. After a long and dreary Midwest winter the sight of the lovely patterns and happy rainbow of hues made my heart sing (and you know how much I like to sing, even out loud…I’m so sorry). Whenever I get a bee in my bonnet, my obsessive tendencies completely take over (okay, okay, they’re more than tendencies. I suppose they might border on personality disorder) and I am unable to concentrate on little else. For weeks I have been trolling the aisles of no fewer than five Target stores, repeatedly, over and over again, like a hamster on a treadmill. Why you may wonder was one Target simply not enough? Well, not to give away all my little secrets, but I believe that the merchandise each store carries is based on demographic, so each store carries a little something different. For instance only one of the five Target’s featured women’s bathing suits (not for me, for Amanda. I would hate to frighten young children at the pool. Now if Liberty of London had perhaps considered a house coat we might have been in business) and another one carried a different pattern flip flop and tote bag. Very interesting……

The lines were beautiful! They carried women’s apparel:


Picture frames and scented candles (I gave a candle to my friend that hosted our book club meeting because the book we read, Little Bee, was set in London……I’m a sucker for authenticity and a great tie in):

Gardening accessories (totally loaded up on flirty and trendy flower pots):

Amanda fell in love with the bedding (a gift from the Easter Bunny…..but notice the totally stylish and happening black chandelier wall clings, bedecked, be-jeweled and be-dazzled….also from Target $12.99 each. Amazing!):

My Family Room was is in dire need of a quick spring pick me up. The floral pillows are so happy!

The only thing I longed for were table linens. They would certainly have been delightful! Maybe next season…….



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2 responses to “Ode to Lady Liberty….of London that is!

  1. Mary Davis

    Do you own stock in Target?

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