Spring Break……College Road Trip

As the More is More Mom® you know I love more of everything, particularly complicating matters whenever possible. Last week Our Lady of Perpetual Donations Grammar School and the Be All and End All Academy both were out of school for spring break. We are typically “staycationers,” but this year we had to take advantage of the time off for: College Visits. Dun, dun, dun…… Coincidentally, as we were packing up the night before our journey, what should be on TV other than Martin Lawrence in College Road Trip (which also stars, none other than…Donny Osmond! Don’t all good things come back to Donny?)?

Anyway, as a multi tasker I hate to be anything but efficient, so I made sure that our 57 hours (not only am I efficient, but also extremely accurate) away from home were jam packed with fun and a flurry of activity. Sunday morning, with the car locked and loaded, we left Winsome (where winning is a way of life) for Chicago at 11am sharp. I am a lover of musical theater and as a kick off to our college visits, I was thrilled to take my family to see Broadway in Chicago’s smash hit musical Billy Elliot (they, however, were not so thrilled). After three hours of beautiful and amazing dancing, and far too much political drama over the coal miners strike (I like my musicals upbeat like Hairspray and Jersey Boys…I love you baby, and if it’s quite alright, I need you, baby, to warm my lonely nights…..), my family had endured enough.

Amanda was unavailable to join us on our own version of College Road Trip (I was eternally hopeful that we would run in to Donny) because she is training for her Regional Gymnastics Meet. Did I fail to mention previously that Amanda placed first on the vault at her State Meet, making her the Level 8 State Vault Champion? She works hard and she rocks (I know that’s queer, but mom’s get to brag)! We took the Red Line back to my moms (where we had deposited Wrigley hours earlier. I can’t bear to leave Wrigley home alone for any great length of time. It makes him very sad and it hurts his feelings. He is much happier when he visits his Nana), kissed Amanda good bye. Chuck, Nick and I were Ohio bound!

MapQuest is crazy. It directed us to exit the highway on a county road, and proceed through 40 miles of back roads with no illumination save for the occasional car headed in the opposite direction. We finally arrived at Miami of Ohio at midnight to the celebratory cheers of the Redhawk’s fans, thrilled that their team made it to the Frozen Four (college hockey for those of you that have been too busy following college basketball’s Final Four). Early Monday morning we were packed up and touring the campus. It’s just beautiful. Who wouldn’t want to go there? I want to go there. Never one to pass up a gift shop (I visit every gift shop, at every hockey rink we visit; only there they call them pro-shops) we selected souvenir t-shirts for the kids. After our tour we went to a cute little restaurant for barbeque, and were ready to hit the road. Next stop Indiana!

After another hour and a half in the car we found ourselves in Bloomington, Indiana Monday evening. The campus at IU is beautiful with all of that Indiana limestone. Being the busy body that I am, you can certainly imagine that I am rather picky about our accommodations (you do remember my beef with the Indianapolis Marriott not having pay per view movies in their rooms don’t you?). Glancing through the travel guide I identified two hotels for us to consider for the night. I had the front desk attendant take us on a tour of the rooms available at each hotel before we made our final decision (Nick thinks I am a pain in the neck and Chuck is agreeable because….happy wife, happy life), and wouldn’t you know there were no pay per view movies here either. It must be an Indiana thing (which alone would make me rethink sending Nick to school in Indiana).

Bright and early Tuesday morning we were on our walking tour at Indiana University, stopping at all the gift shops, loading up on college t-shirts and back in the car to finish up the last leg of Spring Break College Visits 2010. How lucky are we? As we were touring the campus cafeteria and bookstore at Butler University they were opening up the boxes of t-shirts commemorating the Bulldogs arrival at the Final Four (that is basketball…. And if you are unaware, Butler made it to the finals, losing to Duke by only one point!).

I know these visits are meant to help your family determine what kind of school is a good fit for your child, but for me our visits just re-enforced the fact that I am not ready for my Nick to leave me yet. Thankfully we have another 12 months to figure it out. Maybe home schooling would be an option…….well, maybe not…..


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